Summary: It is not easy but it is essential today that moms are Godly. Whether stay at home or working women it is necessary that we understand God's way of thinking about the family.

Intro: Tony Campolo says that his wife is a brilliant woman. She has a PHD & is capable of pursuing a very profitable career. But she elected to stay home with her children when they were young. Her decision didn’t bother her at all except when other women would ask, “What do you do?” She would answer, “I’m a homemaker. I stay home & take care of my children & my husband.” They would

usually respond with “Oh” & then ignore her from then on.

So Mrs. Campolo came up with this response when she was asked what she did: “I’m socializing two Homo-sapiens in Judeo-Christian values so they’ll appropriate the eschatological values of utopia. What do you do?” They would often blurt out “I’m a doctor” or “I’m a lawyer” & then wander off with a dazed look in their eyes.

Whether you are a stay at home mom or working mom Mrs. Campolo creatively reveals it is not by any means easy but is essential for the family. The frontline of the battle with the devil today is the way we think about the family. In Titus one Paul talks about the People of Crete who lived a violent, dishonest, immoral life. In fact they were so good at living that lifestyle it is where the we come to call someone with that type of lifestyle a Cretan. It is in this letter to Titus that Paul emphasizes the connection between Godly belief and Godly behavior. The behavior comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ where the living truth transforms your formerly corrupt lifestyle.

Saving faith is not simply saying you agree with the Gospel. The Gospel tells us Jesus is King and calls us to surrender our life to the good king. However Paul is giving practical principles for those who have trusted Christ and formerly lived or live in a corrupt or ungodly world. We live today in an ever increasingly ungodly world. Jesus said that you must be born again to see the kingdom of Heaven in John 3. A new life begins when you surrender your life to Jesus’ direction. However a baby in Christ is not expected to know everything about relating to their father.

Titus 2:10 “but demonstrating utter faithfulness, so that they may adorn the teaching of God our Savior in everything.

11 For the grace of God has appeared with salvation for all people, 12 instructing us to deny godlessness and worldly lusts and to live in a sensible, righteous, and godly way in the present age, 13 while we wait for the blessed hope and appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

What does God’s grace instruct us to do according to Paul? 1) To deny Godlessness 2) worldly lusts 3) Live sensibly, righteous, and Godly in the present age. Paul addresses these principles to women especially in regards to the family.

I. Older Women

Titus 2:3 “In the same way, older women are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers, not addicted to much wine. They are to teach what is good,”

A) Righteous mind-set

Reverent in behavior the word in the Greek originally carried the idea of how they dressed, walked, and general attitude. The emphasis is on inner character that makes it way out in outward lifestyle. If you believe a Christian with correct teaching and closeness to Jesus shouldn’t change you shouldn’t expect someone to yank their hand out of a hot fire. Jesus very nature is to change the attitudes and then actions of the people he lives in.

B) Righteous mouth

Malicious gossips or word slingers. Godly women do not sling stories or repeat rumors that will damage someone. The word in Greek carries the idea of throwing between. Satan threw lies between God and man resulting in separation. It also caused separation between Adam and Eve. If you are Godly you won’t listen to Gossip or throw between words much less spread them. Men tend to abuse physically but women tend to do more verbally.

C) Righteous choice

Not addicted or enslaved to wine. Why does Paul warn against addiction? Addiction to anything first controls then consumes. It doesn’t matter the drug, lying, drinking, dipping, smoking, sodas, food, if it consumes you it controls you. We are called to be crucified with Christ. That means that our desires are to be directly under His control. Otherwise our desires compete with Jesus direction.

2:3 “so that” purposeful clause. Older women are to be an example so that you can encourage the younger women.

II. Younger Women

Self interest is being taught by advertising, religion, etc. Jesus says serve not self. Love is something we do not something we feel. Paul is encouraging the older women to teach younger women relationship priority. God husband, children, others.

A) Love your husband

Let me help you understand men 200% better ladies. 200%X0 = 0. You are not called by God to understand your husband but to love them. If Paul is calling women to love their husbands it must not be automatic. Love is not feeling it is faithful action. Love is placing someone else’s needs above your own. This begins by how you think about your husband. Do you grumble about his habits or give thanks to God and think of His needs instead of yours. This is not what women’s magazines teach but it is what God teaches. This is an encouragement to cultivate companionship. If you will do this with prayer and submission to God it can lead to the greatest fulfillment in marriage. Happiness has somehow become the holy grail of marriage that has never been the case from God’s truth. He created the union of marriage for oneness of the husband and wife, for mutual enjoyment.

B) Love your children

Loving you children does not mean allowing them to do everything they desire. The ultimate love for your child is directing them toward a relationship with Jesus Christ. This includes discipline, instruction. When they are grown and return to you then it is time for friendship. Children have plenty of people that tell them what they want to hear parents need to tell them the truth. Teaching them about Jesus and encouraging them to seek Him.

This giving priority to others comes from the truth of Jesus the greatest shall be least and servant of all.

C) Live sensibly

Self-control. The Cretans were known for lack of self-control. The fruit of the Spirit is self control or sober mindedness. We never let our passions push us to make wrong choices. Self-Control comes from surrender to the Spirit of God on a daily basis. Galatians 5.22.

D) Live pure

Commitment to your marriage vows

Christ-like in your character – Christian women are to be modest, clean in heart and mind. No matter what area of your life speech, dress, all relationships. Jesus does not come to take you problems away he comes to take over while you are in your problems.

E) Care for your home (not the building)

A home does not happen it is created with hard work. The Greek word carries the idea of bringing order to the home by managing its affairs. One of the greatest lies ever is that a home maker is not of as great a value as an executive. There is much that stands against the family today Mom’s God is calling you to stand for it.

F) Live with kindness

Literally be good. Goodness radiates from the light and life of Jesus. This woman thinks of the needs of others first. Then she goes out of her way to meet the needs that she sees.

G) Live submissively

This is completely opposite of what our American culture teaches of the relationship of a husband and wife. However, it is completely in line with what God teaches is His truth. The first submission is always to Jesus Christ. God’s way crushes selfishness and self concern. God’s way places the concerns of others first. God’s way of submission rubs us the wrong way. Submission in no way suggests inferiority. Women are 100% better at being women than men. Men are 100% better at being men than women. To be subject is a military term that means to place under another in rank. This is a voluntary submission based on God’s design for responsibility and leadership in the home. Sacrificial love from the husband helps fuel respectful submission from wives.

Conclusion: There were false teachers on Crete that were falsely teaching that what you believe has no impact on how you behave. Paul clearly is teaching that a Godly life comes from God’s salvation.

A true encounter and surrender with Jesus produces a clearly Godly life. This is God’s will for young, old, married, and single women.

Honor your mom by following her Godly example or praying for her to become one.