Summary: Following Nehemiah's example will lead to church revitalization


“Rebuilding the Wall”

Chapter 2

I. Nehemiah began preparations. (Vs. 1-16)

A. Nehemiah made an appeal to the King

B. Nehemiah surveyed the problem

II. Nehemiah communicated the why. (v. 17)

A. To relieve the distress of the nation

B. To remove the reproach of the nation

III. Nehemiah communicated the what. (v 17)

A. To repair the walls

B. To repair the gates

IV. God’s will determined. (V. 18)

A. God was good to them

B. The King was good to them

C. The people had a mind to work

V. Nehemiah faced opposition. (vs. 19-20)

A. Satan uses men to oppose God’s work

B. Nehemiah showed Satan he relied on God