Summary: Do you simply need to touch Jesus - Get in the Press!

INTRO: 1. For most Christians faith is a passive exercise.

a. If faced with the circumstances this woman was faced with they’d conclude, well it must not be God’s will for me to receive today. (Sometimes exactly what we need)

b. When faced with any opposition, they just back off and back down.

c. Indifference is the norm – forfeiting much of what God wants from us.

c. Many are no longer pursuing God’s best for their lives. Get back in the Press!

d. Jesus isn't a spiritual delivery man that brings our blessings to us.

e. But the gospel let’s us know that at times we need a faith that “Presses In.”

1) Faith that won’t let us wait.

2) Faith that willing to fight for what we need.

3) Faith that God honors.

2. I believe this was a supernatural faith.

a. A faith that wasn’t natural or normal – but supernatural

b. A faith that didn’t come from her strength, she had none left.

c. A faith that didn’t come from her religious practices, she had none.

d. A faith imparted to her from above. (All faith is from God)

e. Faith with an Anointing. – Where’d she get the strength to do this?

f. Faith with an Attitude – I will not be denied!

g. Faith with a Promise – “If I may touch but His clothes, I shall be whole.”

h. If you don’t have the faith to believe like she believed, ask God and He’ll give you His faith.

3. This kind of Faith Has No Barriers.

a. Her life only knew barriers – where she could go, what she could do.

b. It's no longer confined to what is possible or impossible.

c. It’s not confined by who has it.

d. Are you willing to surrender your circumstance to such a faith?

4. This Miracle was A Wayside miracle.

a. Jesus was on His way to Jarius’ house and would have passed her by if she didn’t get in the press.

b. Time to get off the sidelines of spirituality and get in the press!

c. Time to get where Jesus is moving.

d. Time to be counted among those who is reaching for Him.

5. If you want Healing, Revival, Salvation for your family, deliverance, Restoration – Get In The Press!


a. There are thieves in our lives that steal from us the blessings of God, just by blocking us from receiving His blessings.

b. Satan can build these walls, we can build these walls, circumstances can build these walls, even sincere friends and family can build these walls.

c. No matter where these walls of hindrance came from – they must come down!

d. We must learn to press through no matter the obstacle or the distractions.

ILL. In one scene of the popular movie Robin Hood, The Prince of Thieves, Kevin Costner as Robin comes to a young man taking aim at an archery target. Robin asks, "Can you shoot amid distractions?" Just before the boy releases the string, Robin pokes his ear with the feathers of an arrow. The boy's shot flies high by several feet. After the laughter of those watching dies down, Maid Marian, standing behind the boy, asks Robin, "Can you?" Robin Hood raises his bow and takes aim. Just as he releases the arrow, Maid Marian leans beside him and flirtatiously blows into his face. The arrow misses the target, glances off the tree behind it, and scarcely misses a bystander. Distractions come in all types, and whether they are painful or pleasant, the result is the same: we miss God's mark

e. But some distractions are constant in our lives and must be pressed through, while keeping our eyes fixed on the target.


1. If anyone had an excuse to stay home and stay in bed it was this woman.

2. Her illness was fatal – she was dyeing slowly.

3. Her illness was debilitating – she was weak and vulnerable to catch other illnesses or hurting herself.

4. But she wouldn’t let sickness keep her from healing waters.


1. The bible says she “had suffered many things of many physicians.”

2. No doubt many had made her grand promises that the next treatment would be the last.

3. No doubt many took advantage of her vulnerability, overcharging her.

4. Every physician offered her new hope, but every physician had ended their treatment with the same words – “We’ve done all that can be done, there’s nothing more that anyone else can do.”

5. Yes, she’d been disappointed many times – but she wouldn’t let disappointment get between her and Jesus.

6. She may have had many religious people pray for her, but their unanswered prayers wouldn’t get between her and Jesus. (Many angry with God)


1. She had hit bottom in every area of her life.

2. She grew worse, and her finances were gone.

3. Many of you have been there, that place where the Devil bombards you with depression and despair.

4. But in hopelessness God births the greatest Hope.

a. When we lose all our money, we then have to turn to what money can’t buy.

b. When men can’t do anymore, we turn to the God that can.


1. According to the law she was considered ceremonially unclean because of her disease.

2. Her sickness made her an outcast.

3. Everything she touched was considered unclean.

4. Her condition kept her away from the temple and the worship of Jehovah.

5. The devil will use shame to make you feel unworthy and unfit to be touched by God.

6. Let the devil know that Jesus doesn’t operate on the basis of my worthiness, but on the basis of His grace!


1. Her greatest obstacle that day were her neighbors.

2. She may have thought, well they need healing as much as I do – I’ll just wait.

3. Some of her friends where probably there trying to get her to sit and not hurt herself.

4. Some self-righteous people probably looked at her hard for getting so close to them.

5. We must press-through no matter what others say or think!


a. Not only Physically and Emotionally Press through, but spiritually pressed in.

b. This pressing in was a determination to get us where God can bless or use us.

c. “Pressing In” is a spiritual matter.

d. Pressing in means I’m willing to get right in the middle of things. Not ignore it. Not going to close my eyes to it. But I’m going in with a supernatural faith in a supernatural God.


1. What you hear often determines your outcome.

2. 12 years she’d heard the wrong things – negative, hopeless.

3. But everything changed after she heard the right thing.

4. Faith comes by hearing – it’s the seed of supernatural faith.

5. Paul said it was the reason that many fell in the wilderness

Heb. 4:2 For unto us was the gospel preached, as well as unto them: but the word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard it.

6. We need to screen what we allow our hearts to receive

ILL. Some of you screen your calls – to see if you want to hear from that person on the other end. We need to screen our conversations even with sincere believers at times.


1. Many church folk has become “Preach Proof” – it doesn’t matter what Word is preached, it’s just going to pass through our lives without ever making a difference.

2. Time to take the Word to the next step in our lives. Apply it to our talk.

3. Faith talk is positive talk

4. But faith talk isn't a denial of our condition, but declaring God is greater than our need.

5. She wasn’t talking to others, but to herself.

6. If we’re not careful, we’ll talk ourself out of a miracle.

7. Your biggest spiritual cheer-leader needs to be you!


1. Faith demands Action or Abortion.

2. We must act on Faith or silence what it is saying

3. What she believed demanded that she get out of bed

ILL. A man once inherited a map he was so proud of. This map gave directions to where a jar was buried containing several thousand dollars. He often spoke of this map to his friends, but during the course of his life he never tried to find the treasure. When he died, his grandson, gripped by the spirit of adventure, obtained the map. He followed it’s instructions and to the surprise of everyone found $20,000 in rare coins.

4. Sounds foolish? But I’m afraid that’s what Christians do every Sunday. Sing about Jesus. Preach about Jesus. Proudly display the map (God’s word). But never take follow it to the feet of Jesus and never reaches a finger to touch Him.

5. Not a complex act. O the simplicity of God’s cure compared to the painful and complex work of the doctors.

6. ILL. Will we give our doctors the faith that we won’t give to Jesus? (Take anything, endure anything)


a. She didn’t get in the press long enough to see Him, she didn’t get in the press long enough to feel His presence, she pressed on until she touched Him.

b. We get so close to a breakthrough, then we walk away. It’s time to press on!

c. Beyond what was convenient for her. (Uncomfortable, even dangerous)

d. Beyond what was popular. (Many won’t understand nor will they appreciate it)

e. The most powerful prayer warriors will tell you this is one of the greatest keys to an effective prayer life.


1. I believe that she touched Him with one finger on the hem of His garment, so that He would not be made unclean by this act – it was all that she could lawfully do.

2. Too often we look at getting a blessing, but she considered Jesus.

3. Don’t try to breakthrough to your healing, to your answer... Break through to Jesus!


1. When she touched him, it was as if time stood still – like a freeze frame in a movie – that moment was pregnant with power, emotion, and love.

2. Not only did she feel something, Jesus felt something to.

3. She felt the healing virtue – He felt the despair, hopelessness, fear, and pain.

4. He also felt the power of her faith, that supernatural faith from God.

5. He stopped that entire mob, to announce to everyone that this shy woman had broken through to her miracle.

6. Press on in until all of heaven is stopped to watch your miracle.


1. The “fountain” represented the source of her problem.

2. She wasn’t just coming for relief – she was coming for healing at the root of the problem.

3. Are you willing for God to do radical surgery and deal with what’s at the root.

4. His power is stronger than whatever is taking place in your body or your life.

5. God wants to dry some things up in our lives – Not cover it up or dress it up.

CONCLUSION: I know there’s needs in this house this morning, that seems too far gone. I know that there’s a lot of pain, disappointment, even shame that stands between you and touching Jesus. You may not have the faith left to believe. Just ask him and He’ll give you the faith to press through, press in and press on.