Summary: We can recalculate as many times as we want but there is no alternate routes (The church must be empowered) again.

Lu 24:49 Tarry Until Ye Be Endued

You and I will never mature spiritually until God's words to us are taken personally as they are written.

It seems that we all have this ability to take God's word and sift it until all that is left is what we like.

What is comfortable convenient, easy on our flesh, what is Pleasant.

It seems that some where between our ears and our hearts is this sifter that sifts out all the Commandments and all the conviction until all were left with is suggestions and blessings and the things that we want to do and the things that feel good.

That's why our churches today are full of spiritual midgets, dwarfs that should be and could be men and women of great spiritual stature.

They should have and could have great spiritual power and authority! but because they won't eat anything but spiritual Cream of Wheat they are spiritual dwarfs.

They should be and could be Mighty Warriors but they are "Gerber babies" what do I mean Gerber babies?

I mean cute but no power.

By now they should be spiritual Warriors but instead their spiritual wimps.

They've been raised on strained bananas and pureed prunes because they wouldn't take the word as it is.

When we take God's word as it is: It comes loaded with vitamins and nutrients, it comes in a form that requires you to exercise your muscles and use your teeth.

It comes loaded with protein and power.

Jesus said the words that I speak unto you they are spirit and life.

He meant if you will take them and chew them up and digest them, they will grow you up. They will build his life into you, they will build his character, his anointing his power into you.

My job is "not" to see to it that your diet is always Cream of Wheat and pureed peas and carrots but to set the table with some filet mignon, some prime rib, some pork chops, some T-bone steaks along with some green beans spinach and broccoli.

If you're able to digest everything I give you in the same service then I need to go deeper. Because you should leave with your mouth full still chewing thinking and meditating on what has been said.

All through the week that word should be stirring in you, exciting you, inspiring you to pray and to read and study God's word for yourself.

Acts 1:4-8 the last command of Jesus to his followers and his disciples before his Ascension was go to Jerusalem and tarry (wait) for the promise!

Tarry there until you be endued with power from on high.

This was not a suggestion it was a command of the master: that commandant has never been withdrawn.

To every disciple to every follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, the commandant still stands.

Go to Jerusalem and stay there until you be en dued with power from on high.

Jesus needed that in enduement of power and he received it in the river Jordan.

If the very begotten Son of God needed that Supernatural in enduement of power how much more do we need it?

Out of at least 500 people Jesus spoke those words to: only 120 made it to the upper room ( that means 380 thought they had a better idea) and bypassed The Upper Room.

You cannot bypass the upper room and get this power.

There is no alternative route to the power of God you must go to the upper room and wait until the power comes. That simply means you must agree with Jesus and never be satisfied until the power of God comes up on you.

To climb up to the upper room means I agree with Jesus and I will obey His Commandments. I will ask, I will wait, I will knock, I will pray, I will hunger and thirst, I will worship, and I will wait until the power comes.

You shall receive power after the Holy Ghost has come upon you. after 10 days of waiting in concerted prayer suddenly heaven responded. Earth cried out and heaven answered.

Suddenly there came a sound from Heaven, as of a rushing Mighty Wind and it filled all the house where they were sitting.

And cloven tongues like as fire set upon each of them and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak with other tongues as the spirit gave them utterance.

Tongues of fire on their heads became tongues on fire in their mouths.

I am pressed in my spirit today to tell you that the only church that is going to make a difference in this world and an eternal impact for the kingdom of God is the church that has been to the upper room.

The church that has the wind of the spirit pushing them and tongues of fire upon them and tongues of fire in their mouths.

Jesus said this is the route to power and you can recalculate all you want and it will never change.

120 men and women were filled with the spirit and power because they obeyed the Master's command.

No one has the authority or power to rewrite the Master's command or the Master's words.

The church today to a large degree is powerless because they have bypassed the upper room, they have chosen alternate routes that are easier on the flesh, that don't require waiting or praying or sacrifice or self-denial and what we're left with is a powerless Church of ( Gerber babies) cute but no power.

A form of godliness but denying the power thereof.

120 men and women were filled with the spirit and power do you know why only a hundred and twenty? (Because only 120 were willing to be emptied)

Emptied of opinions and traditions.

Emptied of self, of Pride.

Emptied of religion. Emptied of the world. Emptied of prejudice.

Emptied of carnal expectations.

And as soon as they were emptied (The Spirit came and filled them). That's why we don't have more Spirit filling today.

People aren't willing to be emptied ( they're full of pleasure, full of self, full of Pride, full of tradition, full of religion, full of fear, full of preconceived ideas.

That's why we have an altar in the church it's called (a mourners bench). Not just because sinners mourn their way to repentance but also because Saints mourn when their flesh is being killed.

When their flesh is being burned up.

I know the smell of burning human flesh is horrible. (But spiritually God loves the smell of our flesh burning up) it's a sweet incense in his nostrils.

Nothing repulses the Lord more than flesh that refuses to die. (Psalms 138:6) The Lord has respect unto the lowly but the proud He knoweth a far-off.

That means the proud stink and he keeps his distance from them.

I will knock, I will pray, I will hunger and thirst, I will worship, & I will wait until the power comes.

You shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come up on you.

I feel in the urgency in my spirit today to exhort you nay to warn the church that we are sailing through Perilous waters today, and a church without power is in a dangerous place.

And a church without the baptism of the Holy Ghost is a church without power.

I love you, I want you to like me, but I'm not going to rewrite Jesus words or Dilute them, or puree them until you can't recognize them.

Jesus said the church must have power and the source of this power is the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Please understand that the war is no longer in a distant land far away overseas in another country. No it is in our country, our state, our community, our schools, our homes.

Its a spiritual battle it cannot be won with natural flesh and blood weapons. It must be fought in the spirit and the only ones they can fight on that level are those who are full of the Holy Ghost and power.

It is the will of God that every single person who has been plunged beneath calvary's flow and washed in his blood also be baptized with the Holy Ghost and Fire.

It is not optional accessories. It is necessary equipment.

Be filled with the spirit was the command of the Apostle.

Are you full of the spirit? Or are you full of self topped off with the spirit?

Are You full? Are you on fire?. Does the fire of God burn in your belly?

The only church that is going to stand in these dark days is the church that walks in the light of God's word and are filled with his Spirit and Power.

I am closing this message with Jesus words: Tarry until you be endued with power from on High.

The promise is unto you and unto your children and to all them that are afar off even as many as the Lord our God shall call.

(If Jesus were preaching this morning these are the very words He would speak to you)

Arm yourself with His word, take his promise in hand and make your way to the upper room and don't come down till heaven opens and you are baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire.