Summary: This sermon deals with three sub topics such as Wise and unwise Woman, Wise and Fool, True and false witnesses. God's man and their qualities are exposed here for the profit of the community of believers and the entire society.

Men Sought by God

Proverbs 14:01-14

We are meditating on the men who are sought by God based on Ezek.22:30, and Prov.8:34. Now we turn into Prov. 14:1-14

Wise and unwise woman(14:01)

The wise woman and the foolish woman. A kind heart woman(Pr.11:16), Wife of noble Character is her husband’ crown(Pr.12:4), Noble woman very costlier and worthy(Pr.31:30). The wise virgins ready with oil but unwise virgins were negligent of it(Mt.25:1-13). The house is built by Wisdom(Pr.24:03).

Hagar was wise woman, when she was deserted and thrown away from the house- she raised her child, gave him good education(Gen.21:16-21) but she became unwise woman when she failed to teach her son about the importance of community living (Gen.16:10-12). Timothy’s mother and Grandmother. They passed on their faith to him(2 Tim 1:5). Rehab saved her family from destruction(Josh.2:17-21, 6:22-23). The wise woman of Abel saved her whole city from destruction- she was a woman of peaceful and faithful- she spoke wisely with the Army Commander and with her own citizens(II Sam.20:16-22).

Wise and fool(14:03)

This chapter talks about the fools(3,7,8,9,24). Fool will not understand the greatness of God, the awesome and wonders of God’s presence. The fool despises the praise of the name of the Lord(Ps.92:1-6). He despises the Wisdom and the teaching of it(Pr.1:7). Brings trouble to mother(Pr.10:1). The friend of the fool will be destroyed(Pr.13:20). Fool will waste his money to learn wisdom(Pr.17:16). I am indebted to the fool(Rm.1:14).

Do not consider yourself as wise(P.3:7). Which are WISE? Ant, Rabbits, Locusts, Spider(Pr.6:6, 30:24-28). WHO ARE WISE? One who fears the Lord(Pr.1:7, Job 28:28). One who considers the WORD of God and listen to it (Dt. 4:6). One who considers great love/grace of God(Ps.107:43). One who knows the LORD and His judgments(Mt.11:25, Lk.10:21). One who knows times and justice(Eccl.8:5). One who wins souls(Pr.11:30). Joseph was wise and intelligent(Gen.41;33,39). Solomon was the wisest person(I Ki. 4:29). The wise will inherit the honor(Pr. 3:35). The wise are the stars of the Heaven- stars of the Kingdom of God(Dan.12:3).

True and false witnesses(14:05)

Do not tell false witnesses(Ex.20:16, Dt.5:20, Pr.24:28). God hates the tongue of the lair(Pr.6:16-19). He will not escape(Pr.19:5,9). He will desolate(Pr.21:28). They were joining the lies(Job.13:4), They speak lies with one another(Ps.12:2). Wicked speaks lies from their birth(PS.58:3). The high class are lairs(Ps.62:9). The one who speaks lies will be destroyed(Pr.19:9). Ephraim increases lies everyday(Hos.12:1). Crete are always liars(Tit.1:12). Second death( Rev.Rev.21:8)

True witnesses saves lives(Pr.14:25). True witnesses will never says lie(14:5). Moses was faithful(Nu.12:3, Heb 3:5). David was faithful person(1 Sam 22:14), the true person will be blessed(Pr.28:20). Daniel was faithful(Dan.6:4). Sylvan was faithful(1 pet.5:12). Women must be faithful in everything(1 Tim.3:11). Those who are with Jesus are Faithful(Rev.17:14).