1). We can bring people to Christ without committees but not without sheer determination. It may take years and numerous attempts but resolute determination will eventually accomplish the will of God.

2). We can bring people to Christ by all kinds of mean as long as we are willing to innovate. Do not just rely on the old methods.

3). We can bring people to Christ by appealing to all kinds of human needs - emotional, physical, social, mental, economic, or spiritual.

4). We can bring people to Christ by carrying them along to a point where they are ready to respond - we may not see all of the results, but our job is to get them exposed to Jesus - i.e. Jesus videos and films or literature.

5) We can bring people to Christ by doing things publically first then personally. The stretcher bearers were willing to do this publically as they were uncertain if they would get another chance.

6). Taking risks involve being willing to upset people yet doing what is right because we know it will please God. Many ministries are often misunderstood and will face terrible criticisms from some of the religious people. Conflict resolutions are not always possible until Christ intervenes and shows everyone who is boss.

7). Whatever the future brings we are prepared for the consequences because bringing people to Jesus is the best thing to do today. Be willing to bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ - love one another as I have loved you.

8). Jesus expects us to do something with what He provides for us. "Take up your mat and walk.". We do not bring people to Christ only for them to get their immediate needs met but to lead them to a higher maturity level of obedience so they can grow in all aspects in Christ.

9). Jesus uses experiences of faith to teach others about the importance of His authority above all others. Christ has authority over all powers even though many powerful people fail to recognize that fact.

10). Jesus told the paralytic to take up his mat and go home. We have responsibilities to shine our light where our roots are located. Do not expect that you can fake your relationship with Christ as it will have to be proven in the light of people who really know you

11). Jesus expects great results from His working in and through people. The people were amazed and praised God saying, "We have never seen anything like this!" Expect great things from God and attempt great things for God."

12). Jesus knew that His opponents will be people who assumed that they knew God, but did not. Have the ability to overcome people mis-perceptions and wrong understanding of truth.

13). Jesus knew that people who are willing to change their perception about a problem will be able to change just about everything else. When we see people through the eyes of Jesus we will have more compassion on them.

14). Jesus wants everyone to do whatever it takes to reach God and to bring others to the only one who can solve their problems. No matter how big or small or dysfunctional people may be they all need to know Jesus and the power of His healing, forgiveness and energizing.

15). Jesus uses people who are willing to get involved regardless of the costs, embarrassment or the pain. Do not overlook anyone,