Summary: An attempt to clear up some confusion about this topic

What Can Learn From The Bible About Satan?

I used this as a Sunday evening Sermon/Bible Study. There is alot of confusion about this area and alot of teaching that seems to unbiblical. I tried to be very biblical in this and did not go beyond what Scripture teaches us about the enemy of our souls.

Genesis 3

He makes us doubt God’s Word

Genesis 3:1;

He deceives us

Genesis 3:4

He casts doubts on the character of God

Genesis 3:5

Job 1

He is accountable to God

Job 1:6

His thoughts are open to God

Job 1:7

Satan cannot know the future

Job 1:9-11

God put limitations on what Satan can do

Job 1:12 Luke 22:31

Satan is real and active on earth

Job 1:7 1Peter 5:9

Matthew 4

He is resistant to truth

Jesus quoted scripture

He is a tempter

3 times


What is the source of the temptations?

James 1:13-15

What makes the devil run?

James 4:7

Paul’s dealings with Satan

Satan hindered Paul

2Cor. 12:9 1 Thessalonians 2:17-18

Paul’s method for dealing with Satan

2Cor. 12:8; Eph 6:10-18; Stand firm and pray