Summary: An outline with chronology and practical points on the life of Jonah. The sermon breaks the chapters down with a master conclusion, with focus on following the will of God for our life.

What We Can Learn from Jonah

Chapter 1

Possible excuses for not going to Nineveh

· It was a dangerous journey

· He feared the wickedness and the people

· He might have lacked finances

· Fear of the unknown

· Maybe he doubted his prophetic ability

· Wondered of it would make a difference

· Maybe he didn’t care for the people of Nineveh

Chronology of the events on the ship

· The Lord sent a great wind

· The ship looked as if it was going to break up

· Sailors cried out to their own gods

· Things were so bad, the sailors threw over their cargo

· Jonah all the while, was below deck in a great sleep

· The captain of the ship asked Jonah to pray to his own God

· They cast lots for who was at fault, it fell on Jonah

· Jonah said who he was, a Hebrew, who worshiped the Lord God that created the land and the sea.

· They asked his opinion, and he told them to cast him over the side, claiming indeed that it was his fault

· They disobeyed, and instead, the sea got worse

· Jonah was swallowed by a great fish

Chapter 2

The prayer inside the fish

His prayer is full of:

· Praise

· Worship

· Assurance

Chapter 3

Post-Fish Chronology

· Jonah is “vomited “ out of the fish and heads to Nineveh

· 1st day, Jonah declares that Nineveh has 40 days till they would be overthrown. The people began to fast and pray.

· The leaders officially declared fast and prayer. The message was heeded from the city.

· God spared the city

Chapter 4

Post-Prophetic Depression

· Jonah goes to die, probably depressed because he feels useless, like God was never going to destroy the city

· God comes to him, and told him that indeed, God cares for Jonah, just like he cared for those in the city.


What can we learn from Jonah’s life

· God’s call and message are not always easy to relay

· When God calls us, we are to obey. We are not to question that calling

· Your sin will always be found, to the glory of God

· Not following God can effect many other people

· Jonah might well have missed out on a victorious part of his life by not initially doing what God called him to do.