Summary: The Writer of Hebrews provides three words of advice for running the race of our Christian life.

I. Introduction

a. The Idea is that of running a marathon.

b. In this passage of Scripture we are given three words of advice for running the race

II. The first word of advice is to Remember the Testimony of Others (1)

a. Ill. Football players remember the previous winners of super bowl.

b. The verse begins with therefore.

i. We must look at the previous chapter

c. Abraham (11:8-10, 17)

i. Trusted God for his inheritance

ii. Trust God for a sacrifice when God told him to give Isaac.

d. Moses (11:23-29)

i. Born a Hebrew

ii. Raised in the Pharaoh’s court

iii. Listen to God and lead the people out of Egypt.

e. Joshua (11:30)

i. Joshua 6:2-5

ii. Joshua trusted that God was going to be with them

f. And Others (11:32)

i. Hebrews 11:36-38

ii. There are also many today.

III. The Second word of advice is to get rid of any hindrance (1)

a. All Christians have certain sins that slow us down when we are running the race.

b. We must get rid of the things that slow us down.

IV. The Third word of advice is to Fix our eyes on Jesus (2-3)

a. Ill. Peter walking on the water.

b. Jesus is our example.

i. He endured the cross

ii. He is sitting at God’s Right Hand

iii. He did it all so that we might not lose heart.

V. Conclusion

a. This passage gives us three words of Advice.

i. Remember the testimony of others

ii. Get rid of any hindrance

iii. Fix our eyes on Jesus