Summary: Part 4 in the series The priorities in prayer



“If God Be God… So Be It”

Date: March 17, 2002 PM

Place: Allendale Baptist

Text: 1 Kings 18:17-39


Before we get into the prayer of this man, let me give you some background and names you should know

 Ahab is the king of Israel & Samaria probably reigned during the years of 874-853 BC. With Ahab as king, Israel reached its lowest point of spiritual decay. He was a horrible king even worse than his father Omri. 18:25 says, “Omri did evil in the eyes of the Lord, and did worse than all who were before.” Ahab’s evil consisted of promoting the worship of Baal in the nation of Israel. He turned the nation away from the true God. He was married to Jezebel.

 Elijah a prophet of God. We don’t know much about his life before God called him. His name means “THE LORD IS GOD”. (Pretty good name.) He was sent by God to confront Baalism and to declare to Israel that the Lord was God and there was no other. (Pretty good message)

 In chapter 17:1-7 The Lord tells Elijah to go to Ahab there would be no rain in the land except by at the word of the Lord. The Lord told Elijah to leave and hide by the Brook Cherith, east of the river Jordan. Ravens brought him bread and meat to eat.

 17:8-16 is the story of Elijah & the Widow. Read these verses.

Now the Lord sends Elijah back to king Ahab and the see the confrontation between God’s man & the wicked king.


First let’s see the…

I. The Petition

A. Read verses 18-19

B. Elijah calls for a prayer meeting. A prayer meeting with the false prophets.

C. I don’t necessarliary agree with his thinking

D. 850 to 1; not very good odds.

E. But when God is on your side that’s all you need

F. So in reality the false prophets were out numbered 1 to 850.

Now let’ look at the…

II. The Protest

A. Read verses 20-24

B. He tells the people, here is the challenge you need to choose which God you will serve. If the Lord is God follow Him; if Baal follow him

C. The challenge is this let’s get two bulls. The false prophets can go first place the bull on the alter and call on your God, Baal, to burn the offering I’ll do the same

D. Then he make this statement, “If God be God … so be it”

E. Any of you Wednesday night group remember what that means. Amen!!! SO BE IT … LET IT STAND…

III. The Preparation V.25-29

A. He allowed the false prophets to go first.

B. He mocked the false prophets.

1. Maybe your god is sleeping.

2. Maybe your god is on vacation.

3. Maybe your god is too busy.

C. All this time God had prepared Elijah.

1. He had given him rest

2. He provided his food


Elijah is prepared, now let’s see…

IV. The Plea V.30-37

A. He asked the people to come near to him.

B. My translation ”Come see what the Lord is a Fixin to do”

C. His prayer; read verse 36-37


I like what someone said; ”The lord had already decided the fire was going to fall, Elijah’s prayer might have changed the direction. The fire could have fell on the people but it fell on the alter

In the midst of this story we see Elijah’s “Philosophy of Priority”

The principle and the practice if you will.

*The Principle- If God Be God … So Be It

The Practice- If God Be God… Let Us Follow Him.

What is your priority? Is God God of your life? Does He sit on the throne of your heart? …. If so… So be it

Does He take priority? Are you following Him???

Why not?