Summary: Knowing what to do in the moments of tempation and opportunity.

Title: Preparing for the Moment

Text: Multi-texted topical.

Introduction: Decisions.

1. Every aspect of life is peppered with decisions.

‒ I decided to come to preach tonight.

‒ You decided to worship tonight.

‒ We will decide where we are going to eat.

‒ We will decide so many things.

2. Being prepared for decisions is really what the REAL Christian life is all about. Are Christians for real? Preparing for the moments will tell the true story!!

‒ But do we really prepare well for the MOMENTS of life.

‒ Have you ever thought about it that the greatest decisions in life happen in a snap?

‒ Are you prepared for that?

We are going to talk about 2 moments in our lives that make or break us as Christians. Moments like these really define our hearts.

The Moment of Temptation

1. An example:

A. True story. The traveling business man. Christian man.

‒ Has a great conference day, very successful.

‒ Clients are happy. Money is made. It’s time for celebration.

‒ He and a few colleges go out to eat. Have a great time. Meets a lady.

‒ They strike up a conversation, same likes, great sense of humor.

‒ She asks where Me you staying? Why don’t we go there?

B. This is the moment when sin is placed before you and you have to make a decision.

1. These times seldom come by warning.

‒ 1 Peter 5:8 (NCV) "Control yourselves and be careful! The devil, your enemy, goes around like a roaring lion looking for someone to eat."

NIV says, “prowls about..." A lion on the prowl strikes his prey without warning.

2. These times come many times in your weakest moment.

‒ On a program called the worlds most dangerous animals we learned that a lion will find the weakest member of a clan (Children) to stalk and kill.

‒ The devil is no respecter of age, maturity, or skill.

‒ He only seeks to kill you spiritually.

‒ He will strike you at your weakest moment.

3. You might say, “Hey Keith, I don’t feel any threat from the devil.” Not here anyway.

‒ It’s not hard at church. No cussing, fighting here today.

‒ It’s out there, when you friends challenge you to say the things you know are not right.

‒ It’s when they shove the drink in your hand and you have a moment.

‒ It’s the moment when your parents say, "Is that the truth?"

‒ It’s that moment when that man or woman propositions you at the office.

‒ It’s when tax time comes and you tempted to lie.

**The question about this moment, "How do I handle this time?"

**How do you prepare for a moment of time that you don’t even know is coming?

A. The only thing that will determine our reaction is these moments is our relationship with God.

1. If that relationship is the way it ought to be, we will overcome.

‒ Jesus said,, "If you love me, keep my commandments."

‒ Loving God is more than just saying "I love you."

‒ Loving God is actively seeking His presence every, day in our lives, and every moment of our lives

‒ Romans 8:31, "If God is for us who can be against us.”

‒ Being ready, for those moments means trusting God to be there for us.

‒ James 4:8, "Draw close to God and He will draw close to you."

‒ God doesn’t want a relationship of duty. “Do I have to?”

‒ God does not want superficial, lip service. “I love you, but....”

‒ He wants you heart. AND ALL OF IT.

The Moment of Opportunity

1. An example:

A. As a teen I was in the band. Many times we would have solos to perform.

‒ What a great feeling to have the director point at you to play!

‒ It was a moment of anticipation and adrenaline.

B. God has done that over and over throughout history.

1. "Moses, lead my people out of Egypt." Exodus 3:10 "I am sending you "

2. "Peter, here are the keys to the kingdom." Matthew 16:19

3. "Saul, you will become Paul and lead the Gentile nation to me." Acts 9:15

‒ These people weren’t expecting God to call them.

‒ They were surprised.

‒ Moses was even reluctant.

‒ Saul was scared.

‒ Peter clearly did not understand what the “keys to the kingdom” meant.

C. Though we may not understand why, I am convinced that God still calls his people today.

1. There is the call to preach the gospel. Matthew 28:19-20.

2. There is the call to live righteously and glorify His name. Titus 2:12.

3. There is the call to sacrifice our lives before God. Romans 12:1

4. There is the call to overcome sin through the power of Jesus. Revelation.

5. There is even the call to salvation to those outside of Jesus Christ. Matthew 11:28

**The question is, "How will I handle the call of God?"

1. Isaiah said,, "Here am I send me."

2. Moses said, "I don’t want to go. What will I say to Pharaoh?"


1. What are you going to say in that moment of temptation?

‒ Some of you are asking, “What happen to the guy in the restaurant with the lady? Did he give in? Did he say, “Just this once. It won’t hurt, No one will know!”

‒ He got up from the table after the proposition and excused himself to the men’s room. While there he went to the sink and washed his face, then left the place. Even leaving his coat. He went back to his motel room and called his wife.

2. What are you going to say in that moment of opportunity? You may not ever know what it is like performing on stage and playing the solo, but you will know what it is like having opportunity if you choose to serve God. IT WILL COME!!

‒ Some of you are saying, “I hope God doesn’t call me to do something drastic for Him today.”

‒ Moses thought the same.

‒ Isaiah said, “Here am I, send me.”