Summary: Sermon in the Series Let’s Be Jesus Friends

Series:Let’s Be Jesus Friends

Sermon 3: Saturation Evangelism

Acts 8:1-25

Wherever we are, is an opportunity to witness. It matters not where or how often we move. Moving is a way of life. We change locations for many reasons. Christians are not exempted from moving. We, of all people, should be cognizant of that fact that our lives are guided by God’s providence.

There are times when we are liken to the good seed that Jesus talked about in Matthew 13:38 - Scattered in many places to bring the lost to Christ.

I think I need to tell you that they were scattered by persecution. Jerusalem was the home base. Persecution became severe. Stephen was faithful to his testimony. His life was radiant. Theur qualities drew hostility. Saul led the persecution. He made havoc of the church. Havoc means devastating, like a wild animal! As a result of persecution, the disciples were scattered to other places. Persecution brought on fear, uncertainties, division, tear-ful good-byes. But they ventured to new fields for Christ.

I think I need to tell you that you need to follow their example and sow the seed and leave the results to God. Philip did his part, but he was just one man. He can’t take all the credit. God just wants us to sow and leave the results to Him! Many people in Samaria received the gospel. God will give us perceptive hearts as we witness. Simon had not really received the gospel. The seed had not penetrated his heart. Though Phillip was faithful in sowing the Word, the failure was not in him, but in the heart of Simon. We don’t fail when we faithfully sow the gospel. People’s hearts may be hard. We may be at the beginning stage of the process. But just leave the results to the Lord of the harvest!