Summary: Conclusion of 3 part searies in a sucessful Marriage.

The Three Cs in Marriage Ephesians 5:20-33 This is the last part of a three part sermon on the way of a successful Marriage. But by all means not all. The scripture deals with marriage as Christ deals with the church. Many scriptures tell us how to have a good marriage and relationship with Christ and the Church. Weve learned about, Committment, Conversation and now we will loearn about the last C. Christ, The Annointed or the Annointed One. Without Christ a marriage is only a hafe way union of a man and woman. Every person has or will have an oppertunity to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. And in a marriage ,Jesus,guides both parties into a lasting relationship, built up on trust, understanding and love. As weve said before there are couples out there that are haveing trouble in marriage because of their children and I said that we would address this issue. The Bible states a law of God on the order of priority stated in this manner, 1.God, The Creator of all thing Visiable and unvisiable. 2. Jesus, or, The Christ, Son of God and Saviour 3. Man, The male of the species, or Human race. 4. Female, The mate of man and bearer of children.. Now as youve notice there is not listed any one else after the female. Children are not listed because they do not have a role in the decision makeing of the family according to scripture. God is the head of Jesus and Jesus is the head of man and man is the head of the woman. And thats Bible, you can alter it, rearange it or change it. From the woman looking backwards this is how God wants us to be.We are all looking toward God the Father. Law, priority, sequence, line of atthority. A woman once told me that, her children came before her husband, and that she didnt know why, but her and her husband were haveing trouble. Can you immagine why? This type of action , boarders on witchcraft. Now were not talking about the unbeliever here, were talking about the christian family. For the Bible states, that, The carnal mind is not subject to the law of God and neather can be.For the carnal mind is at emenity with God. Most marriages fail because they break the commandments of God concerning Marriage and the order of responsiability from God to the female. Another rule set down by God is for the male, If a man does not take care of his own, especially those of his own household, he has denighed the faith and is worse than an infidele. Ive seen husbands, break this law, when they buy themselves things and allow their children and wife to be in want, doing without even the basics of life, food and clothing. Its a shame that a man will accetually allow this to happen to people that he has promissed to love ,honour and cherish. But it is happening, right now and probably in your own kneighbourhood. Christ is the leadership of the church, he is the one that causes it to grow, its not the pastor or the congregations but its Jesus. He said that he would add to the church daily. Our duty is to carry out his commandments as he has instructed. If we try to leave, God, Jesus, or the Holy Ghost out of the arrangments of our church or marrage it will fail. Now the word fail here doesnt mean in this life but in the next, the works that we do in our marriage or in our church will be for nothing. And the Bible goes on to say that if a man will stand up rightly before God, then God will save his entire household. So doesnt that tell you that the Husband has a lot to do with the salvation of his own family? Isnt there a promise and a condition there from God Himself? I strongly believe that there is a strong tie between the actions of the Husband and his families well being with God. Now does this mean that the family will not be saved if the husband dies lost?, No, it only means that the promise to the man is not valid unless he accepts the tearms set down by God. Many councilors and ministers, dont teach these things, because eather they dont understand it or they are afraid of hurting someones feelings. A marriage based on Christ, is a marriage that will prosper, but there are the laws of tearms and conditions set down in scripture. Look all the way back to Abraham and Sarah, God set down tearms and conditions with them, all the promisses of God in scripture are all based on this law. If you can find one in scripture that doesnt fit this law, let me know. Even John 3:16 is based on this law, that whomsoever shall believe on Him, this is the condition , and the terms of compliance, shall not perish. God wants you to do things His way and if you do, you are rewarded for obediance. This is a covenent partnership between God and the individual. The Same thing that Jesus wants the Husband and wife to have in their relationship. In closeing, let Christ have a covenent relationship with you and you with your spouse. The terms and conditions of a sucessful marriage are based on scripture and are based on Christ and his love for the church. Take the words that He uses in describing Himself and the Love that He has for the Church and apply them to you relationship and you will never fail. ars.