Summary: Drink deadly poisons, handle serpents, leap tall building: Christian superheros

Matthew Eyerman

September 14, 2003

Corpus Christi Revival

I. Introduction

1. you did it & I did it

2. at some point in our lives

3. we wanted to be super heroes

4. able to

a. leap tall buildings

b. run fast

c. stamp out evil

d. swing from buildings like a spider

e. and guys

f. always get the girl

5. today is your opportunity to be Christian Super Heroes

II. requirements ---- #1

1. requirements for “super hero ness”

2. return to Mark 16:16-17 or page 31 -32

3. first: believe and be baptized

4. not just enough to believe in your front room

5. be baptized

a. that is make a declaration of that faith

b. and root that faith in a church

6. all super heroes go to church

a. not like the pews go

b. actively involved

III. requirements ----- #2

1. second: work in Jesus’ name

2. super hero power are not given

a. as proof that we are really holy

b. as demonstrations so we believe

c. for our benefit

d. or even for the benefit of just the church

3. super hero power is given

a. as proof that our mission is the mission of the disciples

b. as a sign that Jesus is with us

c. for the benefit of all

4. super heroes are not famous

5. our work is to make Jesus famous

IV. expel demons & handle snakes --- bible

1. ready super heroes

2. first power

a. expel demons

b. handle snakes

3. begin with the biblical root of this power

4. Jesus cast out all kinds of demons

5. gives that power to the disciples in Mark 6:7

6. snakes have long been associated with the devil

a. it was a snake who tricked Adam and Eve

b. snake crawls on to Paul

c. those looking see that evil is going to get him

7. no way

8. super heroes have power over snakes too

9. Jesus tells us in Luke’s Gospel that we will tread on

a. snakes

b. scorpions

c. and the rest of the power the enemy

V. expel demons & handle snakes --- us

1. think of expelling demons and handling the devil

2. perhaps think of horror movies

3. the Exorcist

4. clearly the devil can be busy in that way

5. but we are more likely to meet the devil in the routine of our lives

6. how about the demon of despair

a. life is too burdensome to go on

b. once unheard of

c. suicide is growing by double digits in the Black community

7. how about the demon of addiction

a. addiction to drugs and alcohol

b. addiction to the boat

c. addiction to that relationship that is just no good

d. addiction to buying --- got to have just one more jersey, shoes, etc

8. how about the demon of keeping up appearances

a. how are you doing

b. fine

c. wonderful

d. could not be better

e. like living in clothes 2 sizes to small

VI. super hero signal

1. attention super heroes

2. look in the sky

3. it is not the bat signal

4. it is the

a. Jesus signal

b. the cross

5. tell the demons

a. you don’t have to go home

b. but you have to get up outta here

6. demon of despair

a. reach out and call someone

b. get involved in other’s lives

7. demon of addiction

a. let it go

b. help someone else let it go

c. get professional help to let it go

8. demon of appearance

a. if your friends only like you because of your appearance

b. money appearance, style appearance, whatever appearance

c. find new friends

d. friends that like you in good time and bad

e. friends that know some Bob Marley

f. everything is gonna be all right

9. superheroes

a. cast out some demons

b. step on some snakes

VII. speak new languages and drink poison

1. next super hero power

2. speak new languages and drink poison

3. biblically new language has three references

4. speak charismatically

a. in language only God understands

b. 1 Corinthians 14

5. we know this

a. nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen

b. nobody but Jesus

c. speak to God with just a groan or a word

d. knows what we are saying

6. speak all the languages of the word

a. to proclaim Good News

b. Acts 2

7. we know this

a. the Tuite House seminarians all speak English

b. yet it is British English

c. miscommunication between them and I

d. separated by a common language

e. took time to learn each other’s language

8. in unexpected ways

a. open our mouths

b. something really smart comes out

c. God working through us

VIII. languages & poison --- us

1. look at languages and poison together

2. from a different point of view

3. look at them as barriers

4. language separates us

5. poison

a. one communities food

b. is another’s poison

c. I love White Castles

d. thought the seminarians would love them too

e. let’s just say all I really introduced them to was Pepto-Bismol

6. these human institutions divide us

7. what divides us can prevent the spread of the Good News

IX. language & poison --- us

1. attention Super Heroes

2. we have the power to overcome these and so many more barriers

3. no human institution

a. can prevent us from telling about Jesus

b. can stop us from praising God

c. can make us fail

4. no weapon formed

5. nothing made up or created

a. from us

b. from the devil

6. what will separate us from the love of God?

7. no weapon formed against us will prosper

8. we have Christian Super Hero Power

X. lay hands

1. the last Super Hero Power is to lay hands

2. one thing Jesus did more than anything else

3. healed the sick

4. worked out us Super Heroes in three ways

5. one, sacramentally in the anointing of the sick

a. traces its roots back to the Letter of James

b. on behalf of the church, I offer prayers for sick

6. two, in laying on of hands

a. visit the sick

b. visit the shut –in

c. letting them know they are not forgotten

7. super heroes

8. something we all can do

9. story

a. one of the things mentioned at Mrs. Henry’s funeral on Friday

b. how much she appreciated the visits

c. and the notes from the Kindergarten class

10. use your super hero power

a. become a minister of care and visit the sick

b. assist with the tape ministry

c. sends tapes each week to the shut-in

d. take the bulletin home

e. write a note to each person and we will mail them

XI. lay hands

1. last way to lay hands

2. some folk need to be reach out and touched

3. touched not beaten

4. touched

a. stay away from that

b. cut out that bad behavior

c. pay attention

5. story

a. growing up

b. family had Christmas tree with old school bulbs

c. kind that heated up

d. mother afraid that my brother and I would climb the tree

e. plugged in the lights

f. waited for them to get hot

g. then said, “don’t climb the tree”

h. touched my fingers to the bulb

i. yeeooo

j. got the point

6. we need to touch some folk

a. those acting wrong

b. those living wrong

7. we need to have some folk touch us

a. stop that mess

b. cut it out

8. lay some healing hands on us

9. hands of comfort

10. hands of challenge

XII. Conclusion

1. who saw the movie

a. Superman

b. Spiderman

c. Xmen

d. the Hulk is coming out this summer

2. all super heroes

3. don’t go to the show

4. be a super hero right here

5. use your powers

a. Expel demons and handle snakes

b. tell the devil to get out

c. speak language and drink poison

d. overcome barriers

e. lay hands

f. comfort and challenging hands

6. who am I

7. who are you

8. super heroes