Summary: The various stages faith goes through

Mk 5. 21-24, 35-43

In Capernaum there were two Homes

- one was the house of Jairus, which

perhaps stood on the rising ground fast by the synagogue:

- Jairus “Whom God enlightens”

- the other was the house in which the

nameless woman, with the issue of blood,

- Jairus - gladness congratulations

- Same year (was it the same month &

Day?) Gloom & Trouble

- Daughter grows

- Women started with slight &

Temporary ailment

- Doc. Could fix her up

- Disappointment

- Jairus good position & wealthy

- Women grew worse and poor

- Daughter had friends

- Women alone

- Daughter has trouble

- Trouble drove them to Jesus

- Women found cure

- Needed help

Jairus Faith - Mk 5

❶ v. 22-23 - Expressed

- Prayed

- Humble - falls at the feet of J.

- Believing -

- Bold - Before the people

acknowledge Jesus

❷ v. 24 - Recognized

- Personal Faith

- Jairus went himself.

-He did not send his wife.

-He did no send one of the other

children. (assuming there were any)

-He didn’t send a servant.

-He went to Jesus Himself

- Without Jesus

- Possibilities are hampered

- Hope is limited

- Joy is superficial

❸ v. 35 - Tested

In the days of the semaphore signals a message came across to England concerning the Duke of Wellington, and half the message was read as it appeared upon the semaphore, and astonished all England with the sad intelligence. It ran thus, “Wellington defeated.” Everybody was distressed as they read it, but it so happened that they had not seen all the message. Fog had intervened, and when, by and by, the air was clearer and the telegraph flashed out a second time, it was read thus — “Wellington defeated — the French.”

- v.35 may have caused dismay in

Jairus’s heart, but 36 required to see His work

- Don’t Panic get the full picture

- Steel tempered / harden by heating

Hammering and cooling in oil

- Reality & Faith

- Focus on Christ

❹ v. 36 - Strengthened

- It was Christ’s Words

- Not logical

❺ v. 41- 42 - Rewarded

- Aramaic little lamb (sweetheart)


- tender love

- Full recovery (straightway)

- Eating