Summary: Relfecting Christ to the world around us through living out our calling.

EPIC-11/9/03-40 Days-Discipleship, Ministry & Mission

Metaphor of the mirror-reflect X, His glory, character, attitude, nature.

Purpose Clip-40 days

Purpose that gives us hope

Purpose that gives us passion

Purpose that gives us reason to live

Purpose that gives life meaning

Must discover our purpose-that’s what these 40 days have been about.

w/ out purpose life is meaningless.

#1-Worship-Created for God’s pleasure

#2-Fellowship-Formed for God’s family

Tonight #3-5-Easier than I thought because 4&5 are a part of doing #3-

Discipleship, Ministry, & Mission

If we are becoming like X we will serve in ministry & carry out our mission.

Discipleship-Phil 2:5-You’re attitude should be the same that Christ Jesus had.

About having the heart, mind, attitude of X-becoming like Him from the inside out.

Rom. 12:2 says it this way-Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person.

What does that look like-Eph. 4-lead a life worthy of our calling




Allow for each others faults



That’s becoming like Christ in our character-

Also in our actions, through serving-Ministry

Vs. 7 gave each one gifts-

Vs. 11-partial list of some gifts-those w/ these gifts equip the body to serve- “do His work & build up the church”

Result-unity, maturity, X-like

Says it again in vs. 15-When we serve & build up the body we become more like X.

Vs. 16-why it’s so important-X put us together, put you in this body, fitted together perfectly.

Each part does it’s work, & helps the others grow

So we are healthy & growing and full of love.

Discover your shape-Network class, FROGS team

App. Point-papers w/ shapes on them, if you don’t have any idea what your shape is, how you have been specifically shaped by God for service-take one write your name on it as a commitment between you and God that you will do all you can to discover your shape-Network, FROGS

If you feel you know your shape-find where you fit

Mission-fulfill your mission in the world-

What is that-Matt. 28:19-20-we sometimes call it the great commission (everyday commission)

Share the gospel-make disciples

I Peter 3:13-16-live life as an act of worship-all for His glory- & when someone asks about your faith-be ready to answer-

Again in a way that is honoring to God-gentle and respectful-don’t argue anyone into the kingdom.

Making disciples as we go through life

App. Point-Bowl @ back-write name of someone that God is calling you to share your faith w/ & then put that name in the bowl, as we leave take a piece of paper and commit to pray for that person on the paper and whoever is going to share w/ them.