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  • Up To This Point

    Contributed by Larry Turner on Dec 26, 2014

    We can't control what each day brings. So,what has God done for you up to this point in your life?

    Today we find ourselves in the time between the celebration of Christmas and the beginning of a New Year. Some of us may not be quite ready to let go of Christmas just yet. Perhaps your decorations are still up. So I will give you today a blend of two holidays, Christmas and New Years. This more

  • Gifts In A Manger

    Contributed by Larry Turner on Dec 19, 2014

    In the manger with Jesus we can discover 6 gifts just waiting to be opened.

    Can I say I am thankful this morning that all my children are grown? Christmas is here and I don’t have the worry of 10 Christmas gifts for each, trying to make sure that all three felt happy and fulfilled with their expectations. I don’t have the worry about credit card debts ran up more

  • What Child Is This?

    Contributed by Larry Turner on Dec 11, 2014
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    In the midst of the turmoil and distress of the birth of Jesus, God chose certain individuals to reveal his plan and his Son. This sermon looks at seven people or groups that were selected and why they were.

    There was a man who strolled out of a hardware store with a smile on his face and a brand-new chainsaw in his hands. He was told it could cut down five big oak trees in an hour. Twenty-four hours later, however, his smile was gone. Frustrated, he was back at the store complaining that the saw more

  • The Red Tile

    Contributed by Larry Turner on Dec 6, 2014

    A science professor likened Jesus fulfilling 8 prophecies to finding a white tile painted red on the bottom and scattered with other white tiles covering all the dry land on earth with just one pick. Here are 8 Jesus fulfilled as a baby.

    I hold in my hand today a very old book. I know it doesn’t look old. In fact, according to the front page, it was first published in 1988 based on a copy write from 1976. But actually this is not a book at all. It is a collection of historical documents and letters that spanned 3,500 years. more

  • Enemies---You Gotta' Love 'em Series

    Contributed by Larry Turner on Nov 29, 2014

    Loving those who are hostile toward us may be one of the hardest things for us to do. But it is what Jesus commanded.

    Have you ever been in a situation where a comment you have made was misinterpreted and caused problems that you never intended? I really don’t care for texting for that reason. People cannot hear the tone in your voice so a soft “No” maybe interpreted as a harsh “No” more

  • Well, Slap My Face And Call Me--- His. Series

    Contributed by Larry Turner on Nov 19, 2014

    An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth seemed rather fair but Jesus had a better, more difficult way to settle things.

    As some of you remembered back in May, four weeks before my very first cruise, I fell at the local Y injuring my shoulder. What followed was accident reports being filed, doctor visits, ex-rays, MRIs, and the diagnosis of shoulder surgery. Looking on the internet I was discovering the cost was to more

  • I Pinky Swear Series

    Contributed by Larry Turner on Nov 13, 2014
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    To often we take vows, pledges and promises way to lightly. We are assured that God doesn't.

    A businessman was traveling on a plane for the first time. He had always been terrified of flying but his next appointment required him to do so. The flight was going well when suddenly the plane shuddered. The pilot came over the intercom and announced that the engines on the right side had more

  • A Confessing Adulterer Series

    Contributed by Larry Turner on Nov 7, 2014

    Jesus appears to stongly condemn remarriage after a divorce. This tends to create a bleak future for a lot of folks. But was this his intent? This sermon covers the message that Jesus was delivering concerning divorce and remarriage.

    We are in the midst of a series entitled “Upsetting the Apple Cart.” We have already discovered that murder is wrong but Jesus equated being angry with someone to murder. We have already discovered that adultery is wrong but Jesus equated looking with lust to adultery. Today He really more

  • Adultery In The Heart Series

    Contributed by Larry Turner on Oct 31, 2014

    According to the Law of Moses, adultery carried a death sentence. Jesus equates lust with adultery. Was Jesus commanding lust-filled people to be put to death?

    How many of you remember Abigail Van Buren? She wrote a daily column answering questions from readers. Once a man wrote: "Dear Abby, I am in love and I am having an affair with two different women other than my wife. I love my wife but I love these other women too. Please tell me what to do, but more

  • Murder He Spoke Series

    Contributed by Larry Turner on Oct 23, 2014
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    Jesus was well known for upsetting people's "apple carts." In this sermon He challenges us to go beyond the obvious sin of murder and to dwell on anger, judgment, and provoking others.

    Don’t you hate it when someone comes along and “upsets the apple cart?” This saying originated sometime in the 1800’s. The idea behind it was that a farmer had carefully loaded his cart with apples to take and sell at the market place. However, some clumsy oaf would come more

  • Who Are You?

    Contributed by Larry Turner on Oct 9, 2014
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    The identity of the Holy Spirit can be misunderstood at times. This sermon deals with the Holy Spirit identifying himself.

    There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about the Holy Spirit, who He is, and what his role is. We have a rather clear understanding of God, the Heavenly Father and Jesus, our Savoir. However the Holy Spirit can become controversial in his role. First of all the Holy Spirit is a real person. more

  • Be Still, And Know That I Am God

    Contributed by Larry Turner on Oct 3, 2014
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    Disasters, diseases, wars, threats from space, all add up to be a reason to panic. However, in the midst of the chaos God says, " Be still, and know that I am God."

    Matthew 24:3-8 “Later, Jesus sat on the Mount of Olives. His disciples came to him privately and said, “Tell us, when will all this happen? What sign will signal your return and the end of the world?” Jesus told them, “Don’t let anyone mislead you, for many will come more

  • We Have Doubts, No Doubt. (Part Two)

    Contributed by Larry Turner on Sep 26, 2014

    This sermon analyzes how we can handle our doubts.

    Jack was out jogging one day and as he passed a cliff, he got too close and fell. Grabbing hold of a branch, he was stranded. No way up and certainly no way down. He began to scream, “Hello up there can anyone hear me.” He yelled for hours and was about to give up when he heard a more

  • We Have Doubts, No Doubt! (Part 1)

    Contributed by Larry Turner on Sep 18, 2014
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    Thomas was not the only one with doubts. This sermon examines the doubts of John the Baptist

    Today we will begin with a quiz. I have been the pastor here for over three years so it’s time to find out how well you listen. There will be the names of some of the disciples displayed with a choice of two answers to describe him. When you have the answer, shout it out for all to hear. more

  • It's Only Words Series

    Contributed by Larry Turner on Sep 14, 2014

    This sermon deals with our words showing our wisdom or lack of

    Today, we are going to conclude our series on wisdom. I am going to conclude with wisdom of controlling our words. Because what we say can reflect on how wise we really are. Since we are down here in the South I thought I might give you some good Redneck Wisdom. If any of them speak to your more