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Next Steps • Sermon Series

4-week series designed to light a fire in your people to grow in their spiritual maturity.

Get 4 customizable sermons and ready-to-use resources like study questions and visually attractive media for each church service.

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Customizable Sermons

Title Scripture Preview
Training Vs. Trying Hebrews 5:11-6:3 Preview »
Overcoming Spiritual A.D.D. Matthew 6:5-8
Just Try It Mark 1:21-39
After the Honeymoon Phase Romans 12:1-2

PowerPoint Templates

The Next Steps Sermon Series comes with 4 premium PowerPoint Templates to help you visualize the main points you'll share with your church. These templates feature the week's topic in a bold design that is sure to keep your congregation fixed on the importance of digging deeper spiritually.

Sermon Videos

Introduce your message with a unique sermon bumper for each service. Help your church get their heart focused before you begin to preach.

Mini Movies

Get the point of the message across with these 4 mini-movies. The mini-movies in the Next Steps Sermon Series will connect your audience to the message in video form. With a retail value of $80, this series will increase the production quality of your service at a value that can't be beat.

Mini-Movies Included:


  • 4 Sermon Outlines
  • 4 Mini Movies
  • 4 Sermon Bumpers
  • 4 PowerPoint Templates
  • 4 Countdown Videos
  • 2 Motion Backgrounds
  • Small Group Questions
  • Social Media Images