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Exodus 22 - AMP

2 If a thief is found breaking in and is struck so that he dies, there shall be no blood shed for him. 3 But if the sun has risen , blood must be shed for slaying him. The thief must make full restitution; if he has nothing, then he shall be sold for his theft. 4 If the beast which he stole is found in his possession alive, whether it is ox or ass or sheep, he shall restore double. 5 If a man causes a field or vineyard to be grazed over or lets his beast loose and it feeds in another man's field, he shall make restitution of the best of his own field or his own vineyard. 6 If fire breaks out and catches so that the stacked grain or standing grain or the field be consumed, he who kindled the fire shall make full restitution. 7 If a man delivers to his neighbor money or goods to keep and it is stolen out of the neighbor's house, then, if the thief is found, he shall pay double. 8 But if the thief is not found, the house owner shall appear before God to find whether he stole his neighbor's goods. 9 For every unlawful deed, whether it concerns ox, donkey, sheep, clothing, or any lost thing at all, which another identifies as his, the cause of both parties shall come before God . Whomever shall condemn shall pay his neighbor double. 10 If a man delivers to his neighbor a donkey or an ox or a sheep or any beast to keep and it dies or is hurt or driven away, no man seeing it, 11 Then an oath before the Lord shall be required between the two that the man has not taken his neighbor's property; and the owner of it shall accept his word and not require him to make good the loss. 12 But if it is stolen when in his care, he shall make restitution to its owner. 13 If it be torn in pieces , let him bring for witness; he shall not make good what was torn. 14 And if a man borrows anything of his neighbor and it gets hurt or dies without its owner being with it, the borrower shall make full restitution. 15 But if the owner is with it , the borrower shall not make it good. If it is a hired thing, the damage is included in its hire. 16 If a man seduces a virgin not betrothed and lies with her, he shall surely pay a dowry for her to become his wife. 17 If her father utterly refuses to give her to him, he shall pay money equivalent to the dowry of virgins. 18 You shall not allow a woman to live who practices sorcery. 19 Whoever lies carnally with a beast shall surely be put to death. 20 He who sacrifices to any god but the Lord only shall be utterly destroyed. 21 You shall not wrong a stranger or oppress him; for you were strangers in the land of Egypt. 22 You shall not afflict any widow or fatherless child. 23 If you afflict them in any way and they cry at all to Me, I will surely hear their cry; 24 And My wrath shall burn; I will kill you with the sword, and your wives shall be widows and your children fatherless. 25 If you lend money to any of My people with you who is poor, you shall not be to him as a creditor, neither shall you require interest from him. 26 If you ever take your neighbor's garment in pledge, you shall give it back to him before the sun goes down; 27 For that is his only covering, his clothing for his body. In what shall he sleep? When he cries to Me, I will hear, for I am gracious and merciful. 28 You shall not revile God or esteem lightly or curse a ruler of your people. 29 You shall not delay to bring to Me from the fullness and the outflow ; give Me the firstborn of your sons . 30 Likewise shall you do with your oxen and your sheep. Seven days the firstborn shall be with its mother; on the eighth day you shall give it to Me. 31 And you shall be holy men to Me; therefore you shall not eat any flesh that is torn by beasts in the field; you shall throw it to the dogs.

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Rick Crandall avatar
Moses on the Mountain with the Lord - Part 4
Shared by: Rick Crandall on Aug, 2011
Summary: 1. God cares about our devotion to Him. 2. God cares about defending our relationships. 3. God cares about a greater degree of His goodness.
Scripture: Exodus 20:18-22:24
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 817
Jon Miller avatar
God's Response to Crime
Shared by: Jon Miller on Mar, 2011
Summary: The Message is part of a sermon series through the book of Exodus. The context of the message comes from Exodus 22 and looks at how God wanted the nation of Israel to handle Crime.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Exodus 22:1-14
Views: 699
Ross Cochrane avatar
Exodus 22, 23 - What, you mean God is interested in my life?
Shared by: Ross Cochrane on Dec, 2009
Summary: What these chapters say to me is that there is no part of my life that God is not interested in. He wants to guide my thinking and actions in terms of my relationships with others and with Him.
Series: Exodus
based on 14 ratings
Scripture: Exodus 22:1-23:33
Views: 3,579
Phillip Krueger avatar
The Christian Resistance: How To Say "No" To Evil
Shared by: Phillip Krueger on Feb, 2009
Summary: How to deal with evil people/situations in such a way as to still leave the door open for God to work in a constructive way.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Exodus 22:28
Views: 1,018
Rodney Johnson avatar
12 Steps to Recovery Part 8
Shared by: Rodney Johnson on Apr, 2008
Summary: Step 8 focuses on our making of list of those we have hurt during our addiction and being willing to make amends.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Exodus 22:10-15
Views: 908
Billy  Ricks avatar
Godly Ways in the Wilderness of Life
Shared by: Billy Ricks on May, 2005
Summary: When we try to live life in our own power, it only leads to a wilderness of complaining, moaning and groaning. However, as we allow God to have control supernatural results happen. People see us from a distance and say man they are really getting it don
based on 7 ratings
Scripture: Exodus 22:15-27
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,926
Timm Meyer avatar
We Believe the Lord Will Provide
Shared by: Timm Meyer on Feb, 2005
Summary: LENT 1(B) - With complete trust, total obedience, and receiving God’s mercy we believe the Lord will provide.
based on 10 ratings
Scripture: Exodus 22:1-14
Denomination: Lutheran
Views: 2,126
Jamie Wright avatar
Double Time
Shared by: Jamie Wright on Aug, 2004
Summary: In baseball a double is one more base than a singl. A double play is on more out than normal. In our walk with Christ the scripture promises Doble blessings and a double inheritance. Look at the Word of God with Pastor Jamie as he declares, "It is Doub
Joseph Smith avatar
Listening For Abuse
Shared by: Joseph Smith on Nov, 2003
Summary: Many of us are only a short step from the abuse of other races, of women, or of children. We must listen to our own hearts and must correct this by exposure to others and to the power of Christ.
based on 5 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 1,191
Bruce Landry avatar
God's Laws: Stay Free of Impurity, Usury, and Idolatry
Shared by: Bruce Landry on Jan, 2003
Summary: We will examine the laws relative to proper conduct of the people within the Nation of Israel and how they are to treat each other, neighbors, and God.
based on 12 ratings
Scripture: Exodus 22:16-31
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 2,398
Bruce Landry avatar
God's Law, Property rights
Shared by: Bruce Landry on Dec, 2002
Summary: Let’s walk with Israel as God gives HIS vision of proper property laws. God will show what is expected in negligence, rights against theft and rights against harming the property of others or when your property is harmed. Needless to say it is a far cry
Series: Exodus: Law
based on 9 ratings
Scripture: Exodus 21:33-22:15
Denomination: Baptist
Views: 2,472
Mike Hullah avatar
Big Plans, Broken Dreams and a Bruised Spirit
Shared by: Mike Hullah on Dec, 2002
Summary: What do you do when apparant failure strikes. Learn from Moses example.
based on 163 ratings
Scripture: Exodus 2:11-22:25
Views: 5,505
William Baeta avatar
Love of neighbour
Shared by: William Baeta on Oct, 2002
Summary: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: you shall love your neighbour as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the Law an
based on 30 ratings
Denomination: Presbyterian/Reformed
Views: 2,633
Carl Kelleher avatar
The Master's Plan for your Life.
Shared by: Carl Kelleher on Jan, 2002
Summary: God has a Master Plan for our Lives. But if we don’t seek His Direction, we will be sure to wander all of our lives
based on 150 ratings
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 12,502
Dr. Craig  Nelson avatar
The Harry Potter Compromise
Shared by: Dr. Craig Nelson on Dec, 2001
Summary: Spiritual Pornography
based on 215 ratings
Views: 2,145
Andrew Chan avatar
To exploit or not to exploit
Shared by: Andrew Chan on Jun, 2001
Summary: The text teaches us how to be a community of faith that is distinct, i.e. freed up folks in Christ by choosing the way of non-exploitation.
based on 35 ratings
Scripture: Exodus 22:18-31
Denomination: Evangelical Free
Views: 1,106
Andrew Chan avatar
A Biblical Response to Crime – Restitution
Shared by: Andrew Chan on Jun, 2001
Summary: Consider the biblical principle of restitution in the wake of rising prison population and what we as Christians can do
based on 55 ratings
Scripture: Exodus 22:1-15
Denomination: Evangelical Free
Views: 3,293
Lindeal Greer avatar
Shared by: Lindeal Greer on Feb, 2001
Summary: I know I should come to God and live right, but I just keep putting it off.
based on 49 ratings
Views: 776