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Father's Day — June 16, 2013

Free Sermons, Text Illustrations and Church Media

SermonCentral offers pastors and church leaders a featured selection of 20 Father’s Day sermons and 10 text illustrations. Each has been hand-chosen for its relevance to the topic of Father’s Day and celebrating the men in your congregation. You’ll find them full of biblical wisdom and commentary on the subjects of fatherhood, men, parenting, family, love, legacy, influence, endurance, faithfulness, and many other themes.

Father's Day Resources

Free Father's Day Sermons

God Chose a Father for His SonMatthew 1:18–25

Contributed by Phil Morgan

The Importance of FathersJudges 2:6–12, Romans 1:28–32

Contributed by James Buchanan

My Dad Is the Greatest!Psalm 128:1–6

Contributed by Jerry Shirley

Father’s Day: JosephMatthew 1:19–25

Contributed by Scott Bayles

The Perfect FatherJohn 3:16

Contributed by Carl Kolb

Disciplemaking Dads1 Thessalonians 2:10–12

Contributed by Brian Bill

The GodlyfatherJoshua 24:14–18

Contributed by Bruce Howell

The Man of GodPsalm 112:1–10

Contributed by A. Todd Coget

Very Able Men1 Chronicles 9:1–13

Contributed by Evie Megginson

Man Enough to Stand Alone1 Kings 18:16–24

Contributed by Dale Harlow

A Sinful Man, a Foolish Man, and a Wise ManProverbs 29:6–11

Contributed by Steve Shepherd

Able Men1 Chronicles 9:13

Contributed by Paul Hammons

Mighty Men2 Samuel 23:8–17

Contributed by Joe Harding

Godly Men 101Psalm 101:1–8

Contributed by Carl Allen

How to Be a Good FatherProverbs 22:6

Contributed by Ray Scott

Fathers Who LeadEphesians 6:4

Contributed by Brian Bill

Fathers Worth FollowingJoshua 24:14–16

Contributed by Glenn Branham

The Model FatherLuke 15:11–32

Contributed by John Kapteyn

The Perfect FatherMatthew 7:9–11

Contributed by Greg Tabor

The Greatest Father EverJohn 3:1–17

Contributed by Don Schultz

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Free Father's Day Sermon Text Illustrations