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Back to Church Sunday is a campaign strategically designed to help churches reach out and invite everyone to try church again. This powerful movement encourages church attendance by inspiring and empowering church members to invite their neighbors, friends and loved ones to a special Sunday service designed just for them. Last year over 13,100 churches participated in this growing national movement and on average saw a 38% increase in their attendance on that day! This year we are praying for 20,000 churches to come together and bring spiritual renewal to their communities through Back to Church Sunday! Join the national movement and invite everyone Back to Church on September 15, 2013!

Back to Church Sunday

Free Sermons, Text Illustrations and Church Media

SermonCentral offers pastors and church leaders a selection of free sermons and text illustrations perfect for churches participating in National Back to Church Sunday. Also, new for 2013 are two Preaching Bundles featuring videos produced by the official partners of National Back to Church Sunday - each bundle includes sermons, text illustrations and all the church media needed for a complete service.

Free Back to Church Sermons

Free Back to Church Sermon Text Illustrations

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