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Invite Your Community to Seek the Real Truth

Invite Your Community to Seek the Real Truth

It’s not often that conversations are filled with talk about Jesus.  But these days, amazingly, many are thinking and talking about Jesus.  Why?  Because of The Da Vinci Code book and movie, which is very much about Jesus.

The story includes erroneous information like:

  • Jesus wasn’t really God.
  • He really didn’t die on the cross.
  • He was married to Mary Magdalene.
  • The gospels can’t be trusted.

However, this bestselling book and upcoming movie creates a huge opportunity for your church to present who Jesus really is.  Below you will see links to sermons, outreach tools and books to equip your church members to share the truth.

If you would like more information on the movie and it’s impact on the church, download the Outreach Magazine Cover Story on the Da Vinci Code.

Get Josh McDowell's personal Da Vinci Code research notes for free, a 164-page document. Download now by clicking here.

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