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Palm Sunday, April 1, 2012

SermonCentral offers Palm Sunday Sermon & Worship Packages to help you lead an
inspirational time of reflection this Palm Sunday. Ensure your community recognizes the
powerful events leading up to the cross and help them properly prepare for Holy Week.

Free Palm Sunday Sermon Worship Package

Why Did the Cheering Stop?by David Taylor

Luke 19:29–44

Living the Christ-like life is humanly impossible, but He has given us His very Spirit, empowering us to live the lives He desires!

Free Palm Sunday Sermon Worship Package

Mission: Hosanna!by Matthew Rogers

Mark 11:1–10, Luke 19:39–40

If Jesus came riding down your street, what would you lay down before Him? A message for Palm Sunday.

Free Palm Sunday Sermon Worship Package

Palm Sunday Sermonby Kevin Litchfield

Matthew 27:15

A sermon about Palm Sunday through a story about a little boy who was sick on Palm Sunday and stayed home from church with his mother.

Free Palm Sunday Sermon Worship Package

We Would Like to See Jesusby Larry East

John 12:12–19

This is a Palm Sunday sermon about faces in the crowd who saw Jesus.

Free Palm Sunday Sermon Worship Package

Palm Sundayby Paul Wallace

Zechariah 9:9–14:5

Walk down Hosanna Road with Jesus and experience the culture of that day. There is another Triumphal Entry that will as certainly take place.

Free Palm Sunday Sermon Worship Package

More Than a Sunday Driveby Robert Donato

Luke 19:28–44

There are basically only two main roads to travel; the road that leads away from God, and the road that leads to Him. Which road are you on?

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