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Pentecost — May 19, 2013

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Commemorate the gift of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples of Jesus and what some call the birth of the Christian Church: Pentecost Sunday 2013.

Pentecost Resources

Free Pentecost Sermons

Church on FireActs 4:31–33

Contributed by Jerry Shirley

Fire InsideActs 2:1–4

Contributed by Pat Cook

It’s Pentecost!Acts 2:1–13

Contributed by Melvin Newland

Pentecostal PowerActs 2:1–4

Contributed by George Rennau

Pentecost and BabelActs 2:1–6

Contributed by Ronald Keller

Staying Awake in ChurchActs 2:1–47

Contributed by Brian Atwood

A Miracle of UnderstandingActs 2:1–21; 1 Corinthians 12:3–13

Contributed by Kenneth Sauer

What’s So Important About Pentecost?Acts 2:1–13

Contributed by Troy Borst

Dangerously ChristianActs 2:1–47

Contributed by Keith Manry

The Power of a Personal PentecostActs 1:8

Contributed by Kenneth Trent

How Should We Then Live?Acts 2:1–13

Contributed by Rodney Buchanan

A Spirit-Filled ChurchActs 2:1–47

Contributed by Stephen Colaw

Reflections on the Day of PentecostActs 2:1–47

Contributed by Dr. Stanley Vasu

Pentecostal Power!Acts 1:4–8

Contributed by Tony S. Searles

Happy Birthday ChurchActs 2:1–13

Contributed by Denn Guptill

Before and AfterActs 9:1–22

Contributed by Glenn Newton

The Revival of PentecostActs 2:1–47

Contributed by Dennis Davidson

Pentecost Can Be Summed Up in One Word…Acts 2:1–11

Contributed by Don Schultz

The Promise of PentecostActs 2:1–18, 37–39

Contributed by Jerry Lewis

The Impact of PentecostActs 2:1–4, 42–47

Contributed by Bruce Howell

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