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Next Steps

Next Steps

Total Prep Package - Digital Sermon Series Kit

Greet new people or welcome back those who fell away over the summer with these materials designed to encourage people to connect and engage with your church. This Total Prep Package is stacked with ready-to-use resources to help you deliver four weeks of relevant sermons, accompanied by study questions and visually attractive media for each church service. Deliver a great sermon series that provides your congregation Next Steps to grow in Christ through an experience they'll remember. Have it all, ready to go, with a Total Prep Package.

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This prayer series is packed full of sermons, media, and study guides to give you everything needed to plan a complete 4 week sermon series. This 4 week sermon series designed to draw your congregation closer to Christ, drastically reduce your preparation time, and provide an experience they'll remember.


  • 4 Sermon Outlines
  • 4 Mini Movies
  • 4 Sermon Bumpers
  • 4 PowerPoint Templates
  • 4 Countdown Videos
  • 2 Motion Backgrounds
  • Small Group Questions
  • Social Media Images


4 sermon outlines centered around your church. Ready for you to customize and make your own. We've taken the work out of sermon preparation so that you have more time to impact your community.

Title Scripture Preview
Training Vs. Trying Hebrews 5:11-6:3 Preview »
Overcoming Spiritual A.D.D. Matthew 6:5-8
Just Try It Mark 1:21-39
After the Honeymoon Phase Romans 12:1-2

Sermon Videos

Start your sermon off strong by introducing your message with a unique sermon bumper for each service. This Total Prep Package comes with a unique sermon bumper for each message. They will engage and center the heart of your audience on the topic of the message before you begin to preach.

  • Next Steps // Training Vs. Trying
  • Next Steps // Overcoming Spiritual A.D.D.
  • Next Steps // Just Try It
  • Next Steps // After the Honeymoon Phase

PowerPoint Templates

The Next Steps Sermon Series comes with 4 premium PowerPoint Templates to help you visualize the main points you'll share with your church. These templates features every week's topic in a bold design that is sure to keep your congregation fixed on the importance of prayer.

Mini Movies

Get the point of the message across with these 4 mini-movies. The mini-movies in the Next Steps Sermon Series were specifically selected to connect your audience to the message in video form. With a retail value of $80, this series will increase the production quality of your service at a value that can't be beat.