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  • Time For Change

    Contributed by Alan Holden on Jan 4, 2013
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    The New Year is always a time of reflection and preparation for a new year. Today is a time for change: dramatic and drastic.

    Repent, v.2, 8 A. Change Directions B. Show Evidence Prepare, v. 3, 10 A. Elevate dips in the road B. Remove unfruitful works Baptism, v. 11 A. Baptism of repentance & water B. Baptism of regeneration & Holy Ghost fire more

  • Epiphany's Success Lessons

    Contributed by Alan Holden on Jan 2, 2013
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    The story of Jesus’ epiphany has several success lessons that are often ignored. If these lessons are discovered and practiced, they will yield a hundred fold. So what are these success lessons?

    The story of Jesus’ epiphany has several success lessons that are often ignored. The word “epiphany” means “appearance, or manifestation.” The story is found in Luke 1:21-40. In fact, the whole story of the Epiphany is nearly non-existent in many evangelical churches. more

  • Three Types Of Men And Their Legacies

    Contributed by Alan Holden on Dec 28, 2012
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    The Epiphany story is often overlooked, or focuses only on the first part of the story. The Epiphany story groups manhood into three groups.

    Three Types of Men and Their Legacies Matthew 2:1-23 The Wise Men A. Wise Men Seek, v. 1, Magi Searched the Scriptures (background) B. Wise Men Ask, v. 2 C. Wise Men Knock, v.11 D. The Legacy of Wise Men Is Riches The Mad Man A. The Mad Man Causes Intrigue B. The Mad Man Causes more

  • Similar Backgrounds Of Moses And Jesus

    Contributed by Alan Holden on Dec 26, 2012

    While Moses and Jesus had similar life backgrounds, their ministries were different.

    A Threatened Monarch A. Pharoah B. Herod the Great (the half-breed) An Impending Infanticide A. Drowning infant males B. Killing infant males A Young Guardian A. Miriam watches after Moses B. Mary, whose Hebrew name is Miriam, watches after Jesus An Egyptian Hiding Place A. Moses more

  • Joseph's Dilemma

    Contributed by Alan Holden on Dec 14, 2012
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    Good news often accompanies life's greatest disappointments and fears. Joseph's life was wrecked by Mary's pregnancy, or so he thought.

    Matthew 1:18-25 Joseph’s Dilemma, v. 19a A. Mary was pregnant B. Mary was unfaithful, he thought C. Mary was maligned Joseph’s Decision, v. 19b A. Joseph decided against a public divorce B. Joseph decided against stoning C. Joseph decided to end the engagement more