• Bev Sesink

    Contributing sermons since Oct 23, 2016
Bev's church

Calvary Community Church Of Edmonton
Edmonton, Alabama T6K 3J3

About Bev
  • Education: Master of Divinity (Prairie Graduate School/Prairie Bible Institute)
  • Experience: Pastor for 20 years serving full time in three churches in Alberta.
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  • How Should We Live In A Pluralistic Polytheistic Society

    Contributed on Nov 7, 2016

    This sermon addresses the opportunity and challenge of how to live out our faith in a multicultural/multifaith context such as is experienced in Canadian/American cities.

    How Should We Live In A Pluralistic Polytheistic Society? July 17, 2016 As we begin this morning I want to ask you a question – if you had to move to a different city, a different province, even a different country, how would you want people who live there to treat you? What would you more

  • Hungry And Thirsty For What?

    Contributed on Oct 23, 2016
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    An explanation of Matthew 5:6 how we can rightly hunger and thirst for righteousness instead of what we naturally hunger and thirst for.

    Hungry and Thirsty For What? Matthew 5:6 Sunday October 23, 2016 Today we continue in the series the Upside Down Kingdom with a focus on The Beatitudes found in Matthew 5. As we begin I thought I would start with a short quiz to see how much you may remember of the beatitudes we have covered more

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