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  • The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit

    Contributed by Brett Dague on Jan 8, 2015

    The difference between the gift of the Holy Spirit (regeneration), and the baptism of the Holy Spirit (entire sanctification).

    I’d like to look at a few things this morning that are relatively apparent in this passage of scripture. I’d like to take a look at the two distinctive works of God’s grace—salvation, and sanctification. I’d like to look at the qualifications for receiving more

  • An Appeal To Reason

    Contributed by Brett Dague on Jan 8, 2015

    God's appeal to the rational mind using the principles of philosophy.

    This is a very unique passage of Scripture, for God has asked us not just to take what He has said at face value, but He has asked us to reason it out. We are encouraged to take the whole of Scripture, and particularly the Doctrine of Salvation, and to weigh that out against pure reason. We are more

  • How Then Should We Pray?

    Contributed by Brett Dague on Nov 4, 2014

    This is an examination on, first, how not to pray, and then an exposition of the Lord's Prayer--a model for how to pray.

    How then should we pray? It’s a question as old as time itself. In Luke 11:1 the disciples ask Jesus, “Lord, teach us to pray…” Before we answer the question how should we? Let’s answer this one: how shouldn’t we pray? The passage we read this morning is an more

  • Afflictions

    Contributed by Brett Dague on Nov 4, 2014

    Outline: 1. Affliction Is Everywhere; 2. God Is The Only One To Turn To In The Moment of Affliction; 3.The Prayer of The Christian Is For God To "Revive" Them; 4. The Prayer of "Revive Me" is Reasonable; 5. Christian Leans Upon God's Word For Strength

    ‘Psalm one hundred nineteen is the longest chapter in the Bible.’ ‘About fifty of the Psalms have no heading, and their authorship remains a mystery.’ Psalm one hundred nineteen is one of those. The author could be David, it could be Asaph, it could be the sons of more

  • God Protects His People

    Contributed by Brett Dague on Nov 4, 2014

    God’s help in trouble, God’s comfort in trouble, and God’s deliverance from trouble.

    ‘God’s help in trouble.’ ‘The story is told of a king in Africa who had a close friend with whom he grew up. The friend had a habit of looking at every situation that ever occurred in his life (positive or negative) and remarking, "This is good!" One day the king and his more

  • The Cost Of Being Jesus' Disciple

    Contributed by Brett Dague on Nov 4, 2014

    An examination of the hierarchy that Christ has established for prioritizing our life: God, family, and then ministry.

    This passage, undoubtedly, makes you a little uncomfortable. Why? Because of the connotations that the word “hate” has in the English language. It is for this reason, as I said at the beginning, that I have wrestled in my mind over the years with these words of Jesus. We understand more

  • A Prayer For Help

    Contributed by Brett Dague on Jun 23, 2010

    What God's gift of prayer gives us the right to ask for.

    ‘Isaiah’s prayer for God’s intervention emphasized the people’s absolute dependence on God. When we pray, we confess our need for God to reach into our lives and touch them in some way.’ Without God’s gift of prayer there would be no way for us to ask God to more

  • It Was Too Expensive

    Contributed by Brett Dague on Jun 23, 2010
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    Talking about what Christ did on the cross being able to forgive anyone of anything.

    This morning I’d like to start by taking a look at why Paul wrote the book of Romans in the first place. Some would say it was to rally support for his upcoming mission in Spain that he hoped to go on. (That’s where he was headed after he left Greece, where we wrote the letter, and then went to more

  • The Mind Of Christ

    Contributed by Brett Dague on Jun 23, 2010
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    How to have "The Mind of Christ" as illustrated by Dr. Dennis Kinlaw in his book by the same name.

    F. B. Meyer once said, “I used to think that God’s gifts were on shelves one above the other; and that the taller we grew in Christian character, the easier we could reach them. I now find that God’s gifts are on shelves one beneath the other. It is not a question of growing more

  • The Holiness Code Of Leviticus

    Contributed by Brett Dague on Jun 23, 2010
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    Shows how Christ has fulfilled and/or will fulfill all of the Feasts/Festivals required of God for His people prior to Christ's death and resurrection.

    We cannot accurately understand this passage until we have first looked at and understand Leviticus 17-27. In the Law there were certain feasts and Sabbaths that the Jews were suppose to keep each year. First, what I want to do this morning is show you what is required for holy living. Then I more

  • Seek The Lord

    Contributed by Brett Dague on Jun 23, 2010
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    Don't wait to be born again!

    “Seek the LORD while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is near;” may be better translated, “Seek the Lord, because He may be found: call upon Him, because He is near.” The prophet Isaiah tells us that God is near; He is eagerly waiting for us to just seek after Him. more

  • Almost Persuaded

    Contributed by Brett Dague on Jun 23, 2010
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    Almost choosing to become a Christian doesn't get you into Heaven.

    Paul has been traveling allover what is now eastern and central Europe, preaching and teaching people about Jesus Christ. After his third and final missionary journey, Paul returns to Jerusalem. Paul arrives in Jerusalem only to be arrested by his fellow Jews, because they believe that more

  • God's Love Letter

    Contributed by Brett Dague on Jun 23, 2010
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    Solomon's love with the young girl from Shunem paralleled to the type of love God desires to share with each of us.

    Being Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about love and romance. To do that, I want read a passage of scripture from the only book in the Bible that really looks at the feelings expressed between human beings when they care very well for each other. In this passage, more