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Chris Thron

About Chris Thron

Education: B.A. in mathematics, Princeton University Ph.D. in mathematics (probability), University of Wisconsin-Madison Ph.D. in physics, University of Kentucky

Family: Wife Paula, mathematician from People’s Republic of China. Son Joseph (born ’88) Esther (’91) Lydia (’93) Becky (’97).

Books that have had an impact: Biographies of John Wesley, C. T. Studd, Rees Howells, "Broken Bread", by John W. Follette Books by Derek Prince (particularly his book on fasting) essays by Isaac Newton "Blue Book" by Wittgenstein "Structure of Scientific Revolutions", by T. S. Kuhn

Hobbies: *LONG term project -- putting the entire Bible in pictures on the Web (So far there’s Luke, Jonah, & parts of Genesis and Exodus, www.accuros.com/thornbush/bible.htm) *Writing children’s stories & picture stories (www.accuros.com/thornbush/ *Playing piano at nursing homes *Electrifying classical music (http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/209/cyrus_q_thornbush.html) *writing devotions & spiritual essays (www.accuros.com/thornbush/pollen/

What I want on my tombstone: Fool for Christ