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  • A Sinner Saved

    Contributed on Dec 8, 2018
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    A miraculous catch of fish, and the commencement of the Church's ministry.

    A SINNER SAVED Luke 5:1-11 I can remember reading a quaint old book by a Puritan who’s only acknowledged qualification for conducting a Christian ministry was, ‘Sinner Saved’. Without that we are either honestly mistaken, or really just charlatans and frauds! This begs the question, ‘What more

  • Growing Better In Bad Times

    Contributed on Dec 1, 2018
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    No doubt the young Samuel, like the Child Jesus, ‘became strong in spirit, filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon him’ (cf. Luke 2:40).

    GROWING BETTER IN BAD TIMES 1 Samuel 2:18-20; 1 Samuel 2:26 The children of Israel forsook the LORD, and the anger of the LORD was hot against Israel, and He visited them with temporal judgments (Judges 2:13-15). ‘Nevertheless,’ (O, precious word!) the LORD raised up judges, or ‘saviours’ to more

  • The Incarnation In Ezekiel

    Contributed on Nov 30, 2018
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    “I the LORD their God with them" (Ezekiel 34:30).

    THE INCARNATION IN EZEKIEL “I the LORD their God am with them” (Ezekiel 34:30). The word “am” is provided in italics in some of our English translations, to indicate that it is not in the original. ‘What is this but “God with us”?’ asked C. H. Spurgeon in his 19th century sermon on Ezekiel more

  • Messiah As The New Adam

    Contributed on Nov 28, 2018
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    Luke leads us from Jesus back to Adam, but Paul leads us from the old Adam to the new.

    MESSIAH AS THE NEW ADAM Luke 3:23-38; Romans 5:12-21 Immediately after Jesus’ baptism, a voice from heaven declared, “You are My beloved Son; in whom I am well pleased” (Luke 3:22). This was not the way Jesus’ neighbours would view Him: to them, He was ‘the carpenter’s son’ (Matthew 13:55); more

  • The Two Advents

    Contributed on Nov 27, 2018
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    The uncompromising preaching of John. Bearing fruit that proves our repentance. Practical moral guidance. Redirecting Messianic expectations.

    THE TWO ADVENTS Luke 3:7-18 In the fullness of the times (cf. Galatians 4:4), John came ‘preaching a baptism of repentance for the remission of sins’ (Luke 3:1-3). Being 30 years old, you might expect him to be starting his priesthood in the Temple in Jerusalem (cf. Numbers 4:3), but God more

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