• D Todd

    Contributing sermons since Apr 22, 2004
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Liberty Baptist Church
Pittsburg, Kansas 66762

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  • Missions: The Heartbeat Of The Church

    Contributed on Apr 22, 2004
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    This message was designed to to introduce the concept of worldwide evangelization to new Christians and renew the fire of missions for others.

    We are going to discuss some things today that several of you will find very basic. Many of you will find this new information so I want you to remember several things. First of all remember that I am not crazy. The ideas and concepts presented here are not new neither do they originate with me. more

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  • This Really Illustrates The Point Of God's ...

    Contributed on Apr 22, 2004
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    This really illustrates the point of God’s Provision and how He works through us. I go to the grocery store and get a pie. You will have to try which one works best for you. I like to use apple or the frozen kind that leaves lots of left over crumbs and pieces in the bottom of the pan. I take more