• Damien Saylor

    Contributing sermons since Jun 15, 2019
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Graydon Baptist Church
Graydon , West Virginia

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  • Experience: Ordained 9/11/11
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  • Be Wise

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2019

    How often do we look before we leap?

    Sermon - Be Wise Q- How many of us are familiar with the statement, look before you leap? - It’s a great piece of advice, that many refuse to listen to. - I remember the time that I was in a hurry to get to school. In my 83 Bronco, with a 351 Windsor v8 engine in it, I was skinning it more

  • Glorify God

    Contributed on Aug 25, 2019

    Do we see God in all His Majesty, or do we pick & choose traits we like?

    Sermon - Glorify God? Q- Have you ever wondered What it looks like to Glorify God? - I’m not sure that people think about bringing God glory, so much as getting people saved. - The two go hand in hand, but somewhere in the middle the character of God is more

  • Through The Storm

    Contributed on Aug 4, 2019

    There’s a lot of things that happen in our lives that we aren’t really ready for. They come in like a storm & ravage us. Where do we get our strength from?

    Sermon - Through the storm - Last week I preached on waking up, & getting to work for our Lord that saved us & is returning for us. - Now, this week the Lord has put the word storm on my mind quite a bit & I honestly hadn’t thought of a storm coming. At least not in a more

  • The Church Covenant

    Contributed on Aug 4, 2019

    We are steadfast in our faith, & our calling. We will stand against the carnality of this creation, & be the light God has called us to be!

    Sermon - The church Covenant - Today’s message is geared towards our tendency to lean on grace so much that it cripples us from being what God has intended. - If you look in your bulletin I typed up our church covenant. Church Covenant Having been led, as we believe by The Spirit of more

  • I Am Willing To Serve

    Contributed on Jul 23, 2019

    We are called to serve just as Jesus did.

    6 Qualities for Spiritual Health part 6 (6) I am willing to serve. - Today is our last sermon of our 6 qualities for spiritual health. - Today Let’s look at the importance of ourselves in the Body of Christ. - It is easy to find ourselves feeling like the appendix in the body of Christ, but more

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