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New Stanton Alliance Church
New Stanton, Pennsylvania 15639

About Dan
  • Education: B.S. Toccoa Falls College, Toccoa GA
  • Experience: Before becomming the Pastor at Bakerstown, I was the Director of Family Ministries for the Lighthouse Foundation in Butler PA. The Lightouse is a interdemoninational outreach facitlity
  • Comment to those looking at my sermons: If I can help in any way contact me. I put these sermons up so that others can benifit. I am not looking to gain anything. I feel my outlines a pretty good and can help others. However, just a little warning, the grammer and spelling are horrible. But once you get past that they are pretty easy to enjoy. By the way if any of these sermons look like another sermon that you heard somewhere or even read on Sermon Central, that should not suprise you. I want to reach as many people with the Gospel as possible, if that means using other people sermons, Im going to do it. If I used one of your sermons, thanks!
  • One of my favorite illustrations: somehow I manage to relate every spirutal truth to my cross country experience. I have been working hard at preventing using any of those illustrations anymore, people get sick of them :)
  • Family: My Wife is trully my greatest supporter. We have 2 Kids, both boys. Isaiah was born in 2005 and Samuel in 2007
  • What my parents think of my sermons: My dad is a preacher so that is nice. We often will sit around and discuss how each other did and what we said wrong and what we could change
  • What my spouse (really) thinks of my sermons: I really honestly think that she likes them. I normally have a very well structured outline. She really likes that. Sometimes she tells me how much she liked the sermon without asking her.
  • Best advice given to me about preaching: When you get to the conclusion, SHUT UP! dont ramble on for 20 more minutes
  • Books that have had an impact: Purpose Driven Church In a Pit With A Lion on a Snowy Day
  • Hobbies: Raquet Ball Running Puzzles Eating
  • If I could Preach one more time, I would say...: Love God with all Your heart. Serve God with all your heart. Live for God with all your heart.
  • Something funny that happened while preaching: Christmas Eve. I was getting ready for our Christmas Eve service, our biggest service of the year. I was trying to make sure everything was just right. I noticed an outdoor lightbulb was out. So I went up the bell tower and started to wiggle the light bulb. It shattered in my hands. I was bleading really bad. I put some bandages on it. I started the service, it was throbing, we took an offerering and it started gushing. During a special music I ran down stairs put more bandages on and quickly returned to the service. Got up preached and then we had a candle lighting. As soon as I lit my candle my hand started bleading again. Fortuanly I had some paper towels in my pocket. So I quickly lit the person on my left and right and blew out my candle, grabbed the paper towl, re lit my candle and continued on. After the service was over I made sure I got to talk to everyone who normally is not there. I then went to the hospital and had to get three stiches on Christmas Eve. Yes I find that storry funny (now I do anyhow :) )
  • What I want on my tombstone: Well done my good and faithful Son
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  • Do What They Did

    Contributed on Nov 17, 2005
    based on 9 ratings

    This passage gives us 3 good examples to follow, we just have to follow them

    Acts 9:32-42 Do What They Did Introduction A. If you have ever seen my son smile, you know that his smile is by far the cutest thing you have ever seen B. There is nothing that will make a bad day much better, then to see Isaiah smile C. I was watching him smile once, and I noticed something more

  • A Look At The Holy Spirit

    Contributed on Nov 17, 2005
    based on 10 ratings

    This message looks at the Holy Spirit Power, when He comes to a Person, and how much The Holy Spirit Cost

    Acts 8:9-25 A Look at the Holy Spirit Introduction A. (Look at TV and Read Title) B. Boy if that does not catch you attention I don’t know what will C. Is that possible? D. I thought once you were born again everything was cool? E. Wow, today passage, I will confess, really cause some more

  • Listening To God

    Contributed on Nov 17, 2005
    based on 9 ratings

    Many of us hear things, but often we do not listen. Unfortnatly we often do the same to God. We need to be listening to God. We look at 4 voices God speaks to us with

    Acts 8:26-40 Listening To God Introduction A. Note the title today it is “Listening to God” B. Key word “Listening” C. It does not mean hearing D. There is a difference E. My dad has either gave me, or taught me the ability to tune things out – I’m not sure which one it is F. That ability more

  • Standing Tall When It Counts

    Contributed on Nov 17, 2005
    based on 14 ratings

    Sure anyone can follow God when there is no presure, but what happens when things get tough?

    Acts 6:8-8:1 “Standing Tall When It Counts” Introduction A. Do you remember the Dan and Dave Commercials Reebok had back in 1992 B. It was Dan O’Brien and Dave Johnson as there were both competing for Olympic Gold in the Decathlon C. Dan O’Brien never made it to the Olympics, but Dave Johnson more

  • Defining A Leader

    Contributed on Nov 17, 2005
    based on 55 ratings

    Leadership, a word we love to use in the church. However, what does a real leader look like?

    Acts 6:1-7 Defining a Leader Introduction A. Does any one here live a perfect life? B. A life without any problems that occur? C. I know I don’t, I always have different challenges, situations, events, that create problems D. Here in our passage today we find out that the New Testament Church more

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