• Elmer Towns

    Contributing sermons since Jun 13, 2002
Elmer's church

Thomas Road Baptist Church/ Liberty University
Lynchburg, Virginia 24502

About Elmer
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts, Northwestern College, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1954. Master of Arts, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, 1958. Master of Theology, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas, 1958. Master of Religious Education, Garrett Theological Seminary, Evanston, Illinois, 1970. Doctor of Ministry, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California, 1983.
  • Experience: He was President of Winnipeg Bible College for five years, leading it to receive American Accreditation and Provincial authority to offer degrees (1960-1965). He taught at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, in greater Chicago, Illinois, in the field of Religious Education and Evangelism (1965-1971). He is Vice President and co-founder of Liberty University, with Jerry Falwell, in 1971, and was the only full-time teacher in the first year of Liberty‚Äôs existence. Today, the University has
  • Hobbies: Loves to golf.
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  • Goodness And Mercy Lesson 11

    Contributed on Sep 21, 2017
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    The two sides of mercy

    A. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? 1. Stopped following. “He leadeth me.” 2. Straying. “Yea though I walk through the valley.” 3. Death shadows. “The valley of the shadow of death.” 4. Protected. “I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me.” 5. Deliverance. “He leadeth me beside still more

  • My Cup Runs Over Lesson 10

    Contributed on Sep 21, 2017
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    Relationship is key to understanding Psalm 23

    A. RELATIONSHIP IS THE KEY TO UNDERSTANDING PSALM 23 1. The Shepherd’s relationship to me begins with His commitment. a. Possession. “His own sheep” (John 10:4). b. Sacrifice. “The good shepherd giveth His life” (John 10:11). c. Transforms. “He restoreth my soul” (Ps. 23:3). d. Care. more

  • The Rod And Staff Lesson 8

    Contributed on Sep 21, 2017

    Tools of comfort and protection

    A. INTRODUCTION: TWO POWERFUL HELPERS 1. This world is not our home, there is little comfort, but the Lord has, “a rod and staff to comfort you.” 2. Usually, people think “rod and staff” are the same thing. But each is a different instrument. 3. The word “rod” is more than a stick; it is a more

  • I Will Fear No Evil Lesson 7

    Contributed on Sep 21, 2017

    Why death shadows scare me

    A. WHAT DOES PSALM 23 TEACH US ABOUT OPPOSITION? 1. The existence of evil. 2. Evil is in conflict with you. 3. You should not let evil scare you. 4. You can overcome evil. 5. The shepherd is your deliverer. 6. Deliverance comes by relationship to the shepherd. B. WHAT ARE WE NOT TO more

  • Walking Through Death's Valley Lesson 6

    Contributed on Sep 21, 2017

    What do we know about valleys?

    A. INTRODUCTION: WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT VALLEYS? 1. Surrounded by high mountains. There are cliffs or obstacles that will keep you in shadows or the dark. 2. There are mountain barriers to keep you from reaching your goal, but a valley goes through them. 3. There are wrong paths through the more

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