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  • Healing

    Contributed on Feb 28, 2021
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    When Christ extends his hand to cure the leper, the Lord is proclaiming that God's Kingdom has shattered the darkness in our world. The Lord has come to wage spiritual warfare through his healing ministry against the Devil. Making physical contact with a leper, though, was taboo because more

  • Perpetual Gratitude

    Contributed on Feb 28, 2021

    Regardless of what happens, we must be thankful to God.

    In 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24, St. Paul encourages us to give thanks to God at all times. However, we can easily be thankful to God when everything seems to be going our way, but how can we do this when they don't? Does God, for instance, expect one to be joyful when dealing with loss, or when more

  • July 4th

    Contributed on Jul 10, 2020

    Love of God and Patriotism go hand in hand.

    The Gospel tells us that the seemingly innocent question about paying taxes posed in the Gospel by the Sadducees was contrived to entrap Jesus. How so? If the Lord said that taxes should be paid to Caesar, then Jesus would be despised by the Jews, who’d see him as a traitor to his race. The more

  • Father's Day

    Contributed on Jul 7, 2020

    The need for fathers needs to be affirmed.

    Celebrating Father’s Day today provides us an opportunity to reflect on what makes a noble father. Families need good fathers because men provide love differently than women. This isn’t to say that the love fathers provide is better than a mother’s. Instead, the love that both spouses provide more

  • The Gift Of Silence

    Contributed on Apr 2, 2020

    The world doesn't value silence, but making time to be silent is crucial for psychological and spiritual health.

    Silence is essential for growth in the spiritual life. For instance, since God is omnipotent, we'd expect that he'd speak to Elijah through a strong driving wind or an earthquake as found in our first reading (1 Kg 18, 15-45). Instead, we find that Elijah comes out of hiding from the more