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    Contributing sermons since Mar 30, 2004
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  • David's Song Of Deliverance

    Contributed on Jan 15, 2021
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    Second Samuel 22:1-51 teaches us to praise God for his deliverance.

    Scripture Chapters 21-24 of Second Samuel form an epilogue to “The Life of David.” The epilogue is in the form of what is known as a “chiasm.” That is, the first and last section are parallel to one another, the second and next-to-last section are parallel to one another, and so on. There are six more

  • David's War With The Philistines

    Contributed on Jan 8, 2021
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    Second Samuel 21:15-22 shows us the power of God in destroying enemies.

    Scripture We are in a section that some call the epilogue to “The Life of David.” This section gives us information about a few themes in David’s life. Upon first reading, it may appear unimportant, but the epilogue teaches us a lot about David and his kingdom. The section that we are going to more

  • David Avenges The Gibeonites

    Contributed on Dec 30, 2020
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    Second Samuel 21:1-14 teaches us that amendment must be made for wrongdoing.

    Scripture Twenty months ago, we started a sermon series on “The Life of David.” So far, we have looked at the rise of David (1 Samuel 16-31), David’s coronation as king over Judah and Israel (2 Samuel 1:1-5:5), God’s promise to David of an everlasting kingdom (2 Samuel 5:6-10:19), and David’s sin, more

  • Christ's Purpose

    Contributed on Dec 24, 2020

    In this lesson, we learn about Christ's purpose for his first and second advents.

    Scripture Today is the First Sunday after Christmas in 2020. For the past month, we have been exploring the advents of Christ in a sermon series I am calling, “The Advents of Christ.” So far, we have examined “Christ’s Entrance,” “Christ’s Timing,” “Christ’s Appearance,” and “Christ’s Arrival.” more

  • Christ's Arrival

    Contributed on Dec 24, 2020
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    In this lesson, we look at Christ's arrival for his first and second advents.

    Introduction In his best-selling book, The Jesus I Never Knew, Philip Yancey contrasts the humility that characterized Jesus’ royal visit to planet earth with the prestigious image associated with world rulers today: In London, looking toward the auditorium’s royal box where the queen and her more

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  • Receiving Confirmation For A Significant Event Or ...

    Contributed on Dec 19, 2009

    Receiving confirmation for a significant event or activity is often important. When I was in the South African Air Force serving as an Air Traffic Controller, I used to tease the permanent force guys mercilessly. At a certain time each year they would receive news of promotions and new assignments. more

  • Joy Is Black

    Contributed on Sep 10, 2009

    JOY IS BLACK I recently read the following letter that was sent to Dr. Michael Youssef, pastor of The Church of the Apostles in Atlanta. The letter was sent by Mrs. Lane, who has been a primary school teacher for 38 years: Dear Michael, One day I was trying to teach my students the more

  • When I Was In The South African Air Force I Had ...

    Contributed on Jul 22, 2005

    When I was in the South African Air Force I had the opportunity to march in a military tattoo. There were about 120 Air Force marchers lined up in rows of three. We drilled several hours a day for many weeks. Finally, we got to the military tattoo. It was marvelous to watch 120 Airmen dressed in more

  • I Remember A Speaker At One Of The Chapel ...

    Contributed on Jan 28, 2005
    based on 2 ratings

    I remember a speaker at one of the chapel services at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, where I went to seminary. Having being introduced as our main Missions Conference speaker for the week, he asked us to pray with him. We all bowed in prayer and, after a pregnant pause, John Stensether more