• George Stadler

    Contributing sermons since Feb 5, 2012
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4th Avenue United Methodist Church
Huntington, West Virginia 25702

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  • Education: Nazarene Bible College, A.A. in Biblical Studies Andersonville Theological Seminary, ThB Andersonville Theological Seminary, ThM
  • Family: Deborah A. Stadler - Spouse Gregory A. Stadler - Son Mickie L. Stadler - Daughter-in-law Syndey L. Stadler - Granddaughter Kylie N. Stadler - Granddaughter
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  • Sin In The Camp

    Contributed on Feb 5, 2012
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    The Church has become Anemic in these days of winking at sin. The story of Achan's sin calls us to respond to sin in our congregations and our personal lives to again have the blessing of God and his power to defeat the enemy.

    Sin in the Camp Joshua 7:1-26 I don’t know you, other than perhaps a casual meeting at one time or another. I am not your pastor so I do not have to worry about what you may think. I’m not a DS or GS so politics are the least of my worries. • I am a sinner saved by more