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  • "Go For The Gold"

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Feb 23, 2018

    The Olympic athletes take risks in order to get the gold we to need to take some risks to obtain the gold.

    “Go for the Gold” by taking Risks Mark 8:31-38 1. I was watching the Olympics and it was the snow boarders taking the jump and flipping doing what Announcers called 1040, 1260, ollies, straight air, grabs, Those snow boarders are nuts. • Lindsey Vonn soars more

  • "Getting Through The Desert"

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Feb 17, 2018

    The sermon shares what helped Jesus get through the desert encounter, the same things can help us as well.

    Getting Through the dessert Mark 1:9-15 1. What gets us through the Dry Places in life? Jesus Called on the Scriptures • In Matthew 4:4"It is written: `Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'A"7 "It is also written: `Do not put the more

  • Elijah And Elisha

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Feb 8, 2018
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    The message shares what it takes to stay the course of a prophet walk on, and stay the course no matter what.

    1. Elijah was a simple man who did some not so simple stuff ordinary man who did some extraordinary things • Elijah was a Tishmite meaning he was from Tishbe which was an insignificant place it was kind of like what Nathaniel asked Phillip. "Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?" more

  • "Lots Of Talking"

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Jan 31, 2018
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    Today is Super Bowl Sunday and this week sure has been a lot of talking, even in our text there is a lot of talking, Jesus talks, People talk, Petre mother inlaw talks, evening talks, morning talks, the demons talk, the healed talk. Enough talking!

    There has been a lot of talk hasn’t there? All week all, day, all the time, that’s all I have heard Mark 1:29-39 1. There is a lot of talking going on even in our message today • Jesus did a lot of talking; Jesus comes to Galilee proclaiming, “The time is fulfilled, and more

  • "Should I Be Concerned About Nineveh?"

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Jan 22, 2018

    Should we be concerned about people who are merciless? The sermon addresses that question.

    “Should I Be Concerned about Nineveh?” Jonah 3:1-5, 10 1. Jonah is told by God "TO GO" Go to the city of Nineveh • Go Preach against it because of its wickedness. They had humiliated and crushed the Israelites, then stripped them of their culture and more

  • "Let Me Introduce Myself"

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Jan 4, 2018

    The message is about the Gospel of Mark as he introduces us to the Gospel, The Good News, The Messenger, The Message, and The Messaih.

    “Let Me Introduce Myself” Mark 1:4-11 Rolling Stones sung by Mick Jagger took some serious heat for singing a song from the devil’s perspective, but the point of the song is more about the flaws in mankind. It was never intended as devil worship but in 1968 that what happened. That is what more

  • "Immanuel"

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Dec 12, 2017

    Immanuel will never abandon us, abuse us, will stay with us always.

    “Immanuel” Isaiah 7: 13-16 There is a story told that in 1994 two Americans were invited by the Russian Department of Education to teach morals an ethics in their prisons, fire and police departments, and orphanages. According to one of them, "Will Fish” there were about 100 boys and girls in more

  • "Babies Make Us Better Christains"

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Dec 12, 2017

    Babies cause to be better people.

    Babies Make Us Better Christians Matthew 1:18-25 preached at Carr Christmas 2017 Bret Harte tells a story of how a baby came to a mining camp and transformed that camp. Poor women with a questionable reputation, the only woman in the camp, died. She left behind a small baby and more

  • "What Will You Do In 2018 ?"

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Nov 29, 2017

    Based on the three I wills in the text I will rejoice, I will not keep silent, and I will not rest.

    “What will you do in 2018?” Isaiah 61:10-62:3 What Does the Text Say? New Years Eve Carr Memorial 2018 1. The Text tells us of the Anointed One who will preach and bring “Good News” • The Anointed One will be a Preacher of Good Tidings Good News to the meek, to the repentant, more

  • "Keep Awake"

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Nov 28, 2017

    Before the day of The Lord appears there will be many disturbances so keep awake, be ready.

    “Keep Awake” 1. The text comes from a response after the disciples Peter, James, John, and Andrew After learning that the temple will be destroyed, they ask, "Tell us, when will this be, and what will be the sign that all these things are about to be accomplished?" (vv. 2-4). more

  • "Everythng Comes And Goes"

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Nov 28, 2017

    There have been many fads in our history but one thing for sure accoring to the text "The Word shall be forever".

    “Everything comes and goes” Mark 13:24-37 1. Everything will come and go we call them fads and crazes So what is a fad? • Dictionary definitions include: "An intense but short-lived fashion; craze; a temporary fashion, notion, manner of conduct, especially one followed more

  • "Thank God I'm A Prep-Per"

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Nov 18, 2017

    Todays message allows every beleiver not to be alrmed for the Day Of The Lord becasue we have prepared for that day I am a Prepper are you?

    Thank God I am a Prepper 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 1. Paul begins by saying "you know" Now, brothers, about times and dates we do not need to write to you, 2for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. • his audience is not in the dark when more

  • "Stand For The Flag Kneel For The Flag"

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Nov 15, 2017

    The Veterans deserve for us to stand for the flag and Christ is worthy of us kneeling at the cross.

    “ I Stand For The Flag and I kneel for The Cross” Luke 22:41-44 • Colin Kaepernick, a professional QB in the NFL chose not to stand but kneel during the National anthem as a way of calling attention to racial inequality in our country. That is his choice and there are inequalities in more

  • "What We Now Know Is Only"

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Oct 26, 2017

    Paul at some point in his life and Luther confront what they now know about Christ. He is the only thing needed for redemption.

    Romans 3:19-28 “What We Now Know Is Only” 1. Today we celebrate Reformation Sunday 500 years ago Martin Luther nailed his 95 statements "theses" on the castle church door at Wittenberg hoping to spark a discussion of what He now knows. Martin Luther now knows as a result of prayer, fasting, more

  • "Do Justice Give Back To God"

    Contributed by Gerald Roberts on Oct 14, 2017
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    Who do give back to ceaser or God? Jesus believes we give back to Ceaser the things that are Ceasers and give back to God the things that are Gods.

    Giving back is one of the things we often hear from an athlete or someone who never had much and was supported by someone, community, or result of some athletic accomplishment. That person goes on to make it very successfully and financially. Then that persons desires to give back to the community, more