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Greg Barron

Contributor since: Aug 5, 2007
Denomination: Baptist

About Greg Barron

Education: Graduated HS in 1979 with 3.1 avg Enrolled in college in electronic technology until 10/1980 Enrolled in vocational tech school in Radio/TV Repair 1981-5/1982 That’s when I was saved. I had a 4.0 average. Problems with the teacher caused me to quit. Re-enrolled in college in 8/1984 in Speech Communication I carried a solid 3.0 average. I was married and had my first child while in college and then we moved to Tennessee in 7/1988 Re-enrolled in a community college in Computer Information Systems-Graduated Suma Cum Laude with honors and awards. I plan to finish my speech comm degree some day, I lack approx 30 sem hrs.

Family: I grew up in a non-christian family, very dysfunctional. My mom was a drunk, probably bi-polar and self medicated. My dad was very high strung, very angry, very controlling, just plain mean. I could do nothing to please him. When I was called to preach I instantly became the black-sheep of the family. Although, upon hearing me preach once my dad stood and testified that he was impressed and was sorry that he doubted my calling. That was the only time I heard that though.

Best advice given to me about preaching: Never look at your watch, finish when the Holy Spirit tells you to.

Books that have had an impact: The Imitation of Christ Abide in Christ The Pursit of God Why Revival Tarries

Hobbies: I enjoy studying the greek text of the New Testament. I have several tools to do this. One of them FBC has bought for me.

Something funny that happened while preaching: In my early years of preaching I was very animated. I gestered and shouted, stomped and hollered. While preaching thus one morning in my first church I was making a point and I was going to point out toward the congregation. My hand came forward, my fore finger extended, then my hand came forward. My finger went between my cheek and my glasses and caused my glasses to fly out into the air in front of me. I don’t remember which hand it was, but I reached out and grabbed my glasses, put them back on my face, and continued my sermon without one pause. Later my wife and I had a real laugh. Its still a memory till this day.