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  • Let's Go Back To The Good Old Days In The Church

    Contributed on Oct 18, 2000
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    Introduction: What the man who we know the scriptures calls the smartest man in the Bible is saying here is this: “Let’s not talk about the good days.” People are always talking about the good old days. I heard people say countless times that they wish that they could go back to the good old days. more

  • Ponderings From Proverbs - What A Man Thinketh

    Contributed on Oct 18, 2000
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    Introduction: Once again, I want to give some mediation from the Book of Proverbs. This book is a book of wisdom. I have mentioned in the past this statement that I believe needs to be repeated in this message also. If all you had was the Book of Proverbs, then you would have enough to live the more

  • Jesus Is Precious

    Contributed on Oct 18, 2000
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    Introduction: Peter has real grasp on the subject that Jesus is precious. In our text, he mentioned the word three times. He says several more times in his two epistles. I know that the Holy Spirit inspired Peter to write these two epistles but I believe that Peter really tried to express how he more