"Double Blessing challenges us to reframe our perception of blessing, seeing God's gifts as opportunities for increased generosity." —Pastor Louie Giglio

  • Jason Jones

    Contributing sermons since Jan 4, 2007
Jason's church

Western Heights Baptist Church
LaGrange, Georgia 30241

About Jason
  • Education: Undergrad in Wildlife and Fisheries Science from UT Knoxville Master of Div from Southeastern Bap Theological Seminary
  • Experience: Church-planter with NAMB in Maine for four years Pastor, New River Baptist Church, for seven years in Tifton, GA Associational Missionary for the Mell Baptist Association in Tifton, GA
  • Family: I have been married to Erika since 2000, and have three children, Mackenzie, Kaitlann, and Knox
  • Best advice given to me about preaching: Stick to the Word, say it just as God said it
  • Books that have had an impact: Radical Together-David Platt When I Don’t Desire God - John Piper Pursuing God - A W Tozer Changed Into His Image - Jim Berg Total Church by Chester and Timmis
  • Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, reading
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  • Crushing Kings

    Contributed on Feb 19, 2019

    In this psalm we will see three aspects of Christ

    A. Opening illustration: Spurgeon paraphrased a recent exchange between a sage, elderly pastor and minister in training. “Don’t you know, young man, that from every town and every village and every hamlet in England, wherever it may be, there is a road to London? So, from every text in Scripture ...read more

  • An Awkward Conversation

    Contributed on Feb 19, 2019

    Three truths about Jesus's kingdom gleaned from Pilate's conversation with him

    Opening illustration: Describe the situation from Manifest last week. B. Background to passage: C. Main thought: Three truths about Jesus’s kingdom gleaned from Pilate’s conversation with him 1) A Kingdom with No Walls (v. 36) a. Outside of the religious language of the “kingdom of God,” the use of ...read more

  • What's More Valuable Than Gold?

    Contributed on Feb 19, 2019

    Aspects of the power of the word of God

    A. Opening illustration: Have you noticed that every time you go into the convenient store lately there are twice as many people in there as usual. Lottery fever, billions of dollars. You have something more valuable. Investment commercials about the B. Background to passage: The revelation of God ...read more

  • Working For A Living

    Contributed on Feb 19, 2019

    We will define proper perspective for work; paid, unpaid, school, home

    Opening illustration: This is a lesson I began to learn shortly after becoming a Christian, while serving in themilitary in England. There were several of us who had just set out on the Christian adventure. In ourenthusiasm to serve Christ we somehow concluded that we didn’t need to concern ...read more

  • Luxury Once Tasted

    Contributed on Feb 19, 2019

    Let's talk about what's truly necessary for success this fall

    A. Opening illustration: Wal-Mart. Needs vs. Wants. Yard sale, some things that you thought you needed? B. Background to passage: Asa demonstrates how his kingdom/God’s people grew over his 41-year reign. He was the third king after Solomon to reign. He was the first king of Judah that walked in ...read more

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