Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series
  • Jason Jones

    Contributing sermons since Jan 4, 2007
Jason's church

Western Heights Baptist Church
LaGrange, Georgia 30241

About Jason
  • Education: Undergrad in Wildlife and Fisheries Science from UT Knoxville Master of Div from Southeastern Bap Theological Seminary
  • Experience: Church-planter with NAMB in Maine for four years Pastor, New River Baptist Church, for seven years in Tifton, GA Associational Missionary for the Mell Baptist Association in Tifton, GA
  • Family: I have been married to Erika since 2000, and have three children, Mackenzie, Kaitlann, and Knox
  • Best advice given to me about preaching: Stick to the Word, say it just as God said it
  • Books that have had an impact: Radical Together-David Platt When I Don’t Desire God - John Piper Pursuing God - A W Tozer Changed Into His Image - Jim Berg Total Church by Chester and Timmis
  • Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, reading
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Newest Sermons

  • Shhhh...here Comes The Preacher

    Contributed on Nov 12, 2018

    Two instructions given to the church regarding the elders that Timothy would appoint

    Text: 1 Tim 5:17-20, Title: Shhh, Here Comes The Preacher, Date/Place: WHBC, 9/2/18, AM A. Opening illustration: B. Background to passage: Explain the structure of leadership in the church regarding a plurality of elders and deacons. Timothy, being an apostolic delegate, would appoint and help the ...read more

  • Widows Of A Certain Age

    Contributed on Nov 12, 2018

    The care of widows in the church brings with it several implications

    Text: 1 Tim 5:13-16, Title: Widows of a Certain Age, Date/Place: WHBC, 8.26.18, AM A. Opening illustration: B. Background to passage: Paul continues his thoughts about relationships in the church moving from rebuke, correction, and encouragement to taking care of the destitute. Women in this ...read more

  • How To Handle Confrontation

    Contributed on Nov 12, 2018

    Paul is instructing Timothy how to handle the confrontation of sin in the family

    Text: 1 Tim 5:1-2, Title: How to Handle Confrontation, Date/Place: WHBC, 8.19.18, AM A. Opening illustration: The bad news is ------the church is like a family. If any athlete was known for focus, it was Michael Jordan. In Jordan’s book, Driven from Within, Fred Whitfield, president and chief ...read more

  • The Next Super Bowl

    Contributed on Nov 12, 2018

    This week we will look at two pieces of Paul's instruction for Timothy's focus.

    Text: 1 Tim 4:6-10, Title: The Next Super Bowl, Date/Place: WHBC, 5/27/18, AM A. Opening illustration: Peyton Manning’s training for football: “I called him the piranha,” Arians said in a statement released by the Cardinals. “I could never get him enough information, whether it was about the ...read more

  • A 2,000-Year-Old Song

    Contributed on Nov 12, 2018

    Two instructions relating to life and love, obedience and truth, in the church

    Text: 1 Tim 3:14-16, Title: A 2000-Year-Old Song, Date/Place: WHBC, 5.13.18, AM A. Opening illustration: New Song – Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery, In Christ Alone (middle two verses), B. Background to passage: Paul wrapping up chapter and major block of the book and making a transition to the ...read more

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