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  • Five Simple Truths

    Contributed by Jeffrey Sims on Feb 18, 2018

    A sermon about five simple things that we all need to realize.

    Have you ever had anyone ask you how they could become a Christian or if you could explain to them what it meant to be a Christian? Have you ever wondered what you would say to someone that was wanting to understand what it meant to become a Christian? We need to know what we would tell someone more

  • There Is Power In Faith ! Do You Have Faith In The Power?

    Contributed by Jeffrey Sims on Feb 2, 2018

    This is a sermon that was used for a Healing and wholeness service with anointing with oil and prayer for all who came forward to receive.

    James 5:13-18 There is Power in the faith, do you have Faith in the Power? There is a Power that is available to us that can: 1. Cure our physical ailments 2. Reduce our pain and possibly eliminate it all together. 3. calm us when we are anxious 4. eliminate stress from our more

  • Getting Back On Track Series

    Contributed by Jeffrey Sims on Jan 20, 2018

    This is the first sermon in a three part series that calls us to make a commitment to God not just a resolution. It encourages folks to look back and try and figure out where they got off track and right their course.

    Well here we are entering a brand New Year, its funny how we see the mark of a New Year on the calendar as a place to start over even if it’s just another day. A lot of people make New Year’s resolutions, things like losing weight, going on a diet, or spending less money and making more to try more

  • On Track & Moving Forward Series

    Contributed by Jeffrey Sims on Jan 20, 2018

    Forgetting about our past and moving forward in our walk with Christ. We also look at tools and strategies the devil uses in order for us to stumble

    Last week we talked about getting back on track and what we needed to do in order to accomplish that. To get back on track we needed to; 1. Look back and see where we got off track, or veered off course. 2. Alter our course appropriately 3. Commit to moving forward by strengthening our more

  • Keepin It Between The Ditches Series

    Contributed by Jeffrey Sims on Jan 20, 2018

    Ways that we can stay on track in our spiritual walk, especially by building a closer relationship with Christ

    For the last couple of Sundays I have talked about getting back on track in our lives in order to win this race that we are in. And to do that first we had to figure out where we got off track in the first place and then once we adjusted our course and began moving in the right direction we more

  • It's All About Love

    Contributed by Jeffrey Sims on Oct 28, 2017

    This sermon is about the two greatest commandments Jesus gives the Pharisees when He is questioned. Also it calls into question whether we are a player or a spectator in our church.

    Well Jesus had passed the test of the Sadducees’ and had shut them down so the Pharisees stepped up to the plate so to speak. Now the Sadducees were more of a political group but the Pharisees were the keepers of scripture and Biblical Law, there were 632 laws and rules for the practice of their more

  • Show Me The Money

    Contributed by Jeffrey Sims on Oct 27, 2017
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    A sermon about giving the Government what it is due and giving everything to God

    In the culture of our text today two invitations were expected, the first to inform the guest that there was going to be a wedding, then the second was to let everyone know that everything was ready. In the parable today, we see that the king has sent out three invites. Number one isn’t written more

  • We Need To Get It In Order To Give It

    Contributed by Jeffrey Sims on Oct 13, 2017

    We all have the gift of the Holy Spirit available to us . We just need to get it and activate it in order to get the Gospel Message out to others

    So Last week I talked about a verse in proverbs that says that Without Vision or better yet revelation of or from God people cease to exist. We also looked at how the vision or goal of the church whatever it may be should line up with the concept of revealing more

  • Why Are We Here & What Should We Do?

    Contributed by Jeffrey Sims on Oct 13, 2017

    This is a sermon about what the church should be doing. Its a good sermon to go before my sermon "You Got to get IT to give IT"

    Have you ever asked yourself why is the church here and even if you don’t know exactly why it’s here have you ever thought what is our purpose as a church? What is my purpose as a Christian? Have you ever just thought about what is our purpose as a church in the grand scheme of Christianity? more

  • The Magic Number

    Contributed by Jeffrey Sims on Oct 13, 2017

    This is a sermon about the dangers of un-forgiveness and why we should forgive others. Feel free to use my personal story that is in this sermon.

    There was a married couple that had many disagreements and heated arguments, but somehow the wife always stayed cool, calm and collected. One day her husband brought this to light and stated “When I get mad you, how come you never fight back, how do you control your anger so well?” The wife said: more

  • Jesus On Board

    Contributed by Jeffrey Sims on Aug 21, 2017

    When you have Jesus on the boat with you it makes the storms of life more managable

    As we look at the text today we find Jesus preaching and teaching on the waterfront. So many people had come to hear and see Jesus that He had to get in a boat and go out just a little so that everyone could see and hear what He more

  • Hope In The Multiplication

    Contributed by Jeffrey Sims on Aug 10, 2017

    Finding hope in Jesus Christ through the compassion of others, along with a God who deals in multiplying our gifts.

    Jesus just hears that his cousin John the Baptist is dead and it seems the news hits him pretty hard and He wants to get away and be by himself. So he and his disciples get on a boat to go to a secluded place. Verse 14 tells us “When he went ashore he saw a large crowd and felt compassion for more

  • Living Victoriously

    Contributed by Jeffrey Sims on Jul 29, 2017

    When we die to Sin we become victorious with the grace of God.

    Living Victoriously Romans 6:12-23 When we die to sin and become alive in God through Christ Jesus we experience a lifestyle change. When we die to sin we gain the ability to live a victorious life free from sin and death. Being alive to God means we should start building a new lifestyle, we more

  • Finding Rest In Uncertainty

    Contributed by Jeffrey Sims on Jul 24, 2017

    Finding rest & contentment in uncertain times by following the invitation of Jesus to "Come to Me"

    When we look at the first part of our text today we see Jesus talking to the people about living in a world of uncertainty, living a life of restlessness without peace and surety. “We played the flute and you didn’t dance, we played a funeral march and you didn’t weep and cry.” John Lived out more

  • Pentecost Foundation

    Contributed by Jeffrey Sims on Jul 10, 2017
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    Building a foundation so that the Holy Spirit can build a Pentecost experience in us

    Acts 1:1-11 The most important aspect of a house is the foundation and one thing any good contractor knows whether you’re building a house with a crawl space or on a slab the most important part is having a good solid foundation. Now when I built our house the foundation was built very more