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Joanna Beveridge

Contributor since: Nov 22, 2006
Denomination: Episcopal/Anglican

About Joanna Beveridge

Education: I have a bachelor’s degree from the University of London in Education and Business Studies. 12 years ago I completed a 3 year part-time course leading to licensing as a lay Reader (which is a preaching ministry).

Family: I have been married to Bill for 37 years and have one grown-up daughter.

Hobbies: I enjoying needlepoint, using my own designs. I have recently completed a pulpit fall for my church. I enjoy gardening and reading. In the summer I pay Crown Green Bowls (I don’t think you have this in the USA!) and am captain of one of my club’s teams. For many years my husband, my daughter and I were members of the English Civil War Society, which does battle re-enactments of the English Civil War - a very interesting time in Englisj history from a religious and historical point of view.