• John Gaston

    Contributing sermons since Feb 6, 2012
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First Assembly of God
Huntsville, Texas 77340

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  • God-Who-Forgives

    Contributed on Sep 19, 2018

    How can the God who maintains absolute Justice, dismiss the charges of the guilty? Yet God's hyphenated name is God-Who-Forgives! How can this be?

    GOD-WHO-FORGIVES Ps. 99:8, NKJV INTRODUCTION A. HUMOR: Nuns And Greed 1. There was a very large nun who dearly loved her food. She was cautioned by the Mother Superior on the subject of greed. ‘Remember,’ she was told, ‘the Bible says that we are temples of the Holy Spirit, and therefore we more

  • Your Highest Priority: To Seek After God

    Contributed on Sep 17, 2018

    An awesome message about the power of prayer, with many new insights from Scripture and great illustrations. It will preach.

    YOUR HIGHEST PRIORITY: TO SEEK AFTER GOD INTRODUCTION A. HUMOR: Church Growth 1. Johnny’s mother looked out the window and noticed him “playing church” with their cat. The cat was sitting quietly and he was preaching to it. She smiled and went about her work. 2. A while later she heard loud more

  • Shut Up Devil, God’s Just Not Shown Up Yet

    Contributed on Sep 12, 2018

    The devil always taunts God's people when troubles come, but faith reminds us that God is faithful, and that victory is on the way! We look at the dilemma of unanswered prayer, why God doesn’t answer, and what to do until He does answer.

    SHUT UP DEVIL, GOD’S JUST NOT SHOWN UP YET! INTRODUCTION A. HUMOR: $500 loan 1. An old Native American wanted a loan for $500. The banker asked, "What are you going to do with the money?" he asks the Indian. "Buy Silver, make jewelry, and sell it," was the response. 2. "What have you got for more

  • The Gospel According To Your Check Book

    Contributed on Sep 9, 2018

    Our money really belongs to God and is only a test of our character, in preparation for greater responsibilites during the 1,000 Reign and in Eternity.

    THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO YOUR CHECK BOOK INTRODUCTION A. HUMOR: PRAY BEFORE EATING 1. Everyone was seated around the table as the food was being served. When little Logan received his plate, he started eating right away. 2. "Logan, wait until we say our prayer," his mother reminded him. "I don't more

  • Jacob’s Deception Of Isaac

    Contributed on Sep 5, 2018

    Rebekah disguised Jacob to deceive Isaac and seize the family fortune. 4 things caused the deception to work. These 4 are keys to deception, even today!

    JACOB’S DECEPTION OF ISAAC Gen. 27:14-30 INTRODUCTION A. HUMOR: When God Rocks Your Boat 1. In the late ’50s I was ­working construction, leveling the corner of a house that we had jacked about 4 inches above the ground. One of the jacks slipped and the house came down with a loud bang. 2. more

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