• Joshua Brady

    Contributing sermons since Aug 26, 2004
Joshua's church

Apostolic Lighthouse Church
hutchinson, Minnesota 55350

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  • The Essence Of Unity

    Contributed on Aug 26, 2004
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    We as children of God need to set aside all differences and opinions that we might have towards one another and we need to bind together in love and in unity and we need to call out the name of Jesus.

    “The Essence of Unity” Ephesians 4:1-13 - What Does Unity Mean? – A) Definition for Unity: Oneness, harmony, agreement. 1) Oneness means just what it says, “ONE”. Now one may consist of more than one thing like for instance a car is made up by hundreds of different parts but just because more

  • The Covenant Of Marriage

    Contributed on Aug 26, 2004
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    A marriage is a covenant that we continue to work on and grow in. The biblical principals of marriage is till death do us part.

    “The Covenant of Marriage” Text Genesis 15:9-18 Illustration “A young minister was preparing for his first wedding ceremony that he had ever performed. The young minister was a nervous wreck and asked an older minister what to do if he messed up. The older minister said that if you forget more

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