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  • Part Five: Keep Christ The Core Distinctive

    Contributed on Oct 10, 2006

    Understand the critical difference between a secular church and the church of the Christ.

    Introduction To begin this morning, let us read a few passages of scripture. I would like you to look for a common thread of thought that connects these writings. Are you ready? John 8:31 So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are more

  • Defend Discipleship Against Division

    Contributed on Oct 1, 2006
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    Defending discipleship against division caused by loyalty to a human persona creates an ongoing allegiance to our Master and Lord.

    Introduction Today, we tread troubled waters. We may ‘strain at the oars’ so to speak. Pride will be confronted today. It may even be a little painful. Believe me when I say to you, “This is necessary; to be the real deal, to be genuine and authentic, to become the group of disciples which is the more

  • Part Three: Understand Your Struggle With Christ

    Contributed on Sep 23, 2006

    We all struggle to be better, to improve, etc. But struggling in becoming a disciple is a product of pride. The sooner we understand this, the sooner we can make struggle an asset rather than a liability.

    Introduction Where are we today? I mean by that, in our study about the Christ and His Church, are we making progress? Are we moving toward Christ or are we satisfied to stay back, keeping our distance? Are we unsure we are willing to make the kind of commitment Jesus Christ wants of us? It is more

  • Connect With The Christ Of The Church

    Contributed on Sep 16, 2006
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    Our strength for continued obedience begins in being connected to Christ.

    Grow a Disciple Building Church Part Two: Connect to the Christ of the Church Introduction: Jesus is the Christ, the Sovereign Lord of His Church. He reigns among Her with absolute power and control. He is the Chief Shepherd of His flock, the church. (1 Peter 5:4) He is the only more

  • Respond To The Christ

    Contributed on Sep 15, 2006

    Responding to the power and authority of Christ is fundamental to becoming a disciple of Christ.

    Introduction: Where do you go to church? What a common question! Have you really thought about the importance of this question? Does it really make any difference to anyone except you? Does it really matter whether you go to church or not? To whom does it matter? Is it an important enough more