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  • Shallow In The Depths

    Contributed on Aug 17, 2015
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    This sermon illustrates 3 characteristics of a shallow relationship with God, as demonstrated by the prayer and life of the prophet Jonah

    (SLIDE # 1) THE RUNNING MAN: SHALLOW IN THE DEPTHS JONAH 2 As a kid, I always had all of these theological questions in my head. I was raised in church and was given a pretty good Christian education between home, Sunday School, and Church, but I had these certain questions that more

  • A Pursuing God

    Contributed on Aug 10, 2015

    The first sermon in a series on Jonah, concentrating on 3 timeless truths: God takes notice of sin (and takes it seriously), running from God is not healthy, and God always pursues us.

    (Slide #1) The Running Man: A Pursuing God Jonah 1 In 1987 a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger called “The Running Man” came out. This was a movie about a futuristic game show (set in todays time) that used convicted criminals as what they called “Runners” more

  • God's Guidance: Finding Your Way In Uncertain Times

    Contributed on Aug 3, 2015
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    We all face trials and tests in our Christian lives, but it is not the trials and tests that are significant, but how we respond to them. This sermon is an example of how I learned to rely on God more in uncertain times.

    SLIDE # 1 GOD’S GUIDANCE: FINDING YOUR WAY IN UNCERTAIN TMES PROVERBS 3: 5-6 When I left here last week, I was suppose to be finished with one week-long intensive course, home for the weekend, and heading to another week-long intensive course at IWU for next week. But, due to more

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