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  • We Are All Slaves Series

    Contributed by Mark Schaeufele on Jun 30, 2020

    As followers of Christ, we are slaves to holiness and grace.

  • The Death Giving Sin Vs. The Life Giving Gift Series

    Contributed by Mark Schaeufele on May 22, 2020

    In our text today, Paul brings up this concept of original sin, because Adam and Eve chose to sin, all people are born in sin and have the tendency to sin. However, he also shows how Jesus sacrificial death reverses the curse of original sin.

    The Death-Giving Sin Vs. The Life-Giving Gift Text: Rom. 5:12-21 Introduction 1. What is original sin? 2. Picture your ancestors as plantation farmers in the South. They have many acres of farmland and need to manage those crops. To help them accomplish this task, they go to the docks and buy a more

  • Past, Present And Future Of Justification Series

    Contributed by Mark Schaeufele on May 15, 2020

    Because of what Jesus did for us on the cross, it’s as if I never sinned!

  • The Ramifications Of Faith Series

    Contributed by Mark Schaeufele on May 4, 2020

    Through faith we appropriate God’s free gift of salvation.

    The Ramifications Of Faith Text: Romans 4:13-25 Introduction 1. Illustration: For God does not want to save us by our own but by an extraneous righteousness, one that does not originate in ourselves but comes to us from beyond ourselves, which does not arise on earth but comes from heaven. – more

  • Can Rituals Save You? Series

    Contributed by Mark Schaeufele on Apr 23, 2020

    Rituals won’t change us, but a relationship and faith in Jesus will.

    Can Rituals Save You? Text: Rom. 4:9-12 Introduction 1. Illustration: Growing up in the Catholic church I knew a lot about rituals. I went to church six, sometimes 7 days a week. I was baptized as a baby. I went to confession to a priest. I was confirmed. I served as an altar boy. The problem was more

  • See The Vision Series

    Contributed by Mark Schaeufele on Apr 23, 2020
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    A Holy Spirit given vision is a snap shot of the way the church will be in the future.

  • Sola Fide Series

    Contributed by Mark Schaeufele on Mar 26, 2020

    Salvation is a gift from God that we can only receive by faith in Jesus.

    Sola Fide Text: Rom. 3:27-31 Introduction 1. Illustration: One of the most important events in both world and church history was the Protestant Reformation. People like Martin Luther, John Calvin and John Knox began to question the practices of the Roman Catholic Church and sought to bring reform more

  • The Great Acquittal Series

    Contributed by Mark Schaeufele on Feb 19, 2020

    The bad news is that we are guilty before God; the good news is that Jesus paid the price for our redemption, and now we are acquitted of all our sins by receiving it by faith.

  • The Problem Of Sin Series

    Contributed by Mark Schaeufele on Feb 12, 2020

    Paul’s point in our text today is that when it comes to sin, we are all in it together. We are all sinners and stand guilty before God.

    THE PROBLEM WITH SIN Text: Rom. 3:9-20 Introduction 1. Illustration: One of the greatest powers of rationalization ever seen is the ability of people to explain away their sin. Our society finds all types of excuses, like poor parenting, social disadvantages, mistreatment by others and so on. more

  • Teach Us To Pray Series

    Contributed by Mark Schaeufele on Feb 4, 2020

    We need to pray as Jesus instructed us.

    TEACH US TO PRAY Text: Matt. 6:9-13 Introduction 1. Illustration: In his classic book With Christ In The School Of Prayer, author Andrew Murray says, “Jesus never taught His disciples how to preach, only how to pray.” 2. We have designated 2020 as a year of rest and reflection. During that time, more

  • Is God A Just God? Series

    Contributed by Mark Schaeufele on Jan 25, 2020

    : If God isn't just then he's not loving.

    IS GOD A JUST GOD? Text: Rom. 3:1-8 INTRODUCTION 1. Illustration: "A god who is all love, all grace, all mercy, no sovereignty, no justice, no holiness and no wrath is an idol." (R.C.Sproul) 2. Many people want to know the answer to the question: is God just? 3. Romans chapter 3 is a more

  • Matter Of The Heart Series

    Contributed by Mark Schaeufele on Jan 22, 2020

    A true Christian is one who has been changed on the inside by the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • The Problem With Religion Series

    Contributed by Mark Schaeufele on Jan 15, 2020

    Let’s live lives that honor God in every way.

    THE PROBLEM WITH RELIGION Text: Rom. 2:17-24 Introduction 1. Illustration: When we Pastored in Yellville, AR there was a little restaurant that I used to like to hang out at called The Hill Top. One day a man from a nearby town called Zinc stopped in for lunch. The town of Zinc was famous for more

  • Staying Connected

    Contributed by Mark Schaeufele on Jan 8, 2020
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    In order to hear from the Father we must stay connected to Jesus.

  • Plan Executed Series

    Contributed by Mark Schaeufele on Dec 24, 2019

    Jesus has given us the greatest Christmas gift; the gift of Himself.

    The Plan Executed Text: John 1:14-18 Introduction 1. Illustration: Are you ready for this? Are you sure? Let this change your life… Genesis 5 We start with Adam and look at each son through the 10 generations. ADAM = MAN SETH = APPOINTED ENOSH = MORTAL KENAN = SORROW MAHALALEL = THE BLESSED more