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  • A Walk Through The Bible Discovering Godly Mothers

    Contributed by Mark Mitchell on Jun 5, 2017

    There are godly examples of mothers throughout scripture

    Proverbs 31:10-31 Introduction: illustration about “Where Mother Keeps the Clothes” “Let France have good mothers and she will have good sons” – Napoleon “All I am my mother made me”. John Quincy Adams I. A godly Mother is joyful over her children. (Genesis 21:6) - (Pro 31:28 Her more

  • What Time Is It?

    Contributed by Mark Mitchell on Jun 5, 2017

    While there is always times for different things it is always time to share Jesus

    John 20:11-21 Introduction: There is a time for everything under the sun. Ecclesiastes 3 I. A time for weeping. (v.11a) A. There is always a time for weeping. B. We always weep when we lose someone so dear to us. C. Jesus wept at the death of Lazarus D. Jesus wept and even had great more

  • The Necessity Of The Praise Of God

    Contributed by Mark Mitchell on Jun 5, 2017

    God not only deserves to be praised but justice, righteousness, and Holiness demand it.

    Luke 19:29-40 Introduction: Video “That’s My King” I. Scripture demands it. A. (Heb 13:15 By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.) B. Because of Christ (by more

  • Engaging The Battle From Prison

    Contributed by Mark Mitchell on Jun 5, 2017

    We are all called to engage in the battle

    Ephesians 6:18b-20 Introduction: Illustration “The Apology” I. Paul was called by God to go to prison. A. He was sent to prison to protect Paul from those who would kill him. (vs. 23:10-13) 1. Sometimes the place God puts us may not be what we expected. 2. The circumstances we serve in more

  • What Prayer Does

    Contributed by Mark Mitchell on Jun 5, 2017

    Prayer had it results

    James 5:16b Introduction: I. Prayer provides physical healing. (James 5:15) II. Prayer brings God’s answers. (Acts 10:31) III. Prayer bring peace. (Philippians 4:7-8) IV. Prayer makes food acceptable. (I Timothy 4:5) V. Prayer Delivers the Persecuted. (Acts 12:5) VI. Prayer exorcises more

  • Parenting – God’s Plan, Our Responsibility

    Contributed by Mark Mitchell on Jun 5, 2017

    We have a biblical responsibility in parenting

    Ephesians 6:1-4 Introduction: Parenting needs to be done in unity. Failure to do so reaps serious consequences. I. Children are to be brought up in the instruction of the Lord. A. Children are to be nurtured. B. The care and attention given to someone or something that is growing or more

  • Letting The Holy Spirit Move In The Church

    Contributed by Mark Mitchell on Jun 5, 2017

    We sometimes do things that quench the Spirit if God. We need to get out of the way.

    Acts 1:12-14; 2:1-11 Introduction: I. You have to be prayerfully gathered. A. As the old Gospel preach John R. Rice said “God requires and men often need to plead with God for any want for supply, for deliverance, for wisdom, or for power.” B. Jacob wrestled all night with an angel. Gen more

  • "Just A Little Walk With Jesus”

    Contributed by Mark Mitchell on Jun 5, 2017

    Spending quality time with Jesus leads to love and conversion

    Luke 24:13-35 Introduction: Video “Let’s Go!” I. Their Initial Condition - Illustration “Dear God, It didn’t Happen” A. They were blinded. (v.16) B. They were confused. (vs. 18-23) C. They were without hope. (v.21) II. Their on-going Crisis - Illustration “It is literal” A. They more

  • What Prayer Should Be

    Contributed by Mark Mitchell on Jun 5, 2017

    Prayer if often not what it should be but scripture tells us there is an effective prayer

    James 5:16b Introduction: “We are too busy to pray, and so we are too busy to have power. We have a great deal of activity, but we accomplish little; many services but few conversions; much machinery but few results.” --R.A. Torrey I. What is prayer? A. Godly prayer is worship. B. Godly more

  • Three Threats Against The Family

    Contributed by Mark Mitchell on Jun 5, 2017

    There are threats against the biblical family that we should recognize

    Introduction: Illustration “promiscuous Americans Illustration “A nation that embraces homosexuality will be destroyed” I. The Homosexual Agenda A. What does the Bible say about homosexuality? 1. In Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 God’s word says it is an abomination to the more

  • God’s Design For The Family

    Contributed by Mark Mitchell on Jun 5, 2017

    God has designed the family

    Genesis 2:15-25 Introduction: Illustration “Two Paddle Boats” I. The Family Is Divine in Origin. Illustration “Mishaps” A. God created human beings in His own image. - “Then God said, ‘Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness’… So God created man in His own image; He more

  • The Primary Weapon In The Battle

    Contributed by Mark Mitchell on Jun 5, 2017

    Spiritual Warfare

    Ephesians 6:18 Introduction: I. “At all times” - Why should we pray at all times? A. Satan is constantly on the prowl - (1Pe_5:8 Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.) 1. How does Satan Prowl? a. He goes more

  • What Are You Going To Do With Jesus?

    Contributed by Mark Mitchell on Jun 5, 2017

    Everyone will have to make a decision on what they want to do with Jesus.

    Mathew 2 Introduction: Illustration “Savior & Judge” - There are two common and typical responses to Jesus and the gospel I. You can hate Him and be angry (v. 16) - Illustration “A Father’s Will” A. Jesus was a threat to his position B. Jesus was a threat to his power C. Jesus was a more

  • Sittin With A Sinner

    Contributed by Mark Mitchell on Jun 5, 2017

    Jesus loves the sinner

    Luke 7:36-50 I. The Proud verse the Humble - Story of date with Bridget - Our pride often will drive us to shun people not like us A. The Pharisee was proud 1. He refused to have Jesus feet washed 2. He refused to greet Jesus with respect 3. He showed his disdain by wanting to prove Him more

  • What Prayer Should Look Like

    Contributed by Mark Mitchell on Jun 5, 2017

    We need to engage in proper biblical prayer

    Matthew 6:9-13 Introduction: Illustration “Teach us what to say in prayer” I. Worship (v.9) A. What is worship of God? 1. Recognizing who is of the highest worth. 2. Recognizing we are not it. 3. In worship we are submitting to God in a fresh way every time we do it. 4. Recognizing the more