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Martin Odom

Contributor since: Dec 24, 2006
Denomination: Methodist

Martin's church

Bethel Village AMEC

Harrisburg Pennsylvania , 17102

About Martin Odom

Family: The Bethel Village is a multigenerational, multicultural A.M.E. Church in which people are warmed with the love, inspired with the hope and empowered by the power that we have in our savior Jesus Christ. We emphasize:prayer, praise, Bible teaching, community service and all aspects of kingdom building to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those God allows us to serve. The Village is a place where all are welcome as we serve God and humanity with a spirit of excellence.

Books that have had an impact: Dr. Samuel D. Proctor, the Substance of Things Hoped For, Dr. William D. Watley, Bring the Fill Tithe,